UNITED STATES—I think the world of debate is something we need more in this country. Too many people interchange the terms debate and arguing. They are NOT the same thing. A debate involves a discussion about an issue with individuals who have different stances. An argument tends to involve yelling and nothing gets accomplished that way.

There is too much arguing with the American public and not enough civil conversation and discourse in this country. We have a point and we want our point to be heard no matter how wrong we may be and not even taking a moment to listen to the opposing side. Why is that? Why are we afraid to hear what others have to say? Are we afraid that our stance on an issue could be changed?

I don’t know where the issue of debate has shifted to such an abhorrent and vicious battle. Perhaps it is what we are seeing from other politicians. Perhaps this is what we are seeing more in the media. We don’t know how to have a conversation where we allow one person to speak, and then we react after they are done speaking. Nope, that is not how we behave.

As soon as someone says something we don’t want to hear we immediately interject without allowing them to finish their thought and it is just a constant back and forth that goes absolutely nowhere, if we are being honest. I’m bringing this up because I was trying to have a conversation with a sibling about a serious matter. I couldn’t even get my point out before they are screaming and yelling about their stance on the issue.

At first, I start to get a bit loud like them, but then I realized, what the hell am I doing? Why am I lowering myself to their level? Nothing is getting accomplished here, I’m just making myself look like a complete idiot and I’m not ok with that at all. I just let them continue yelling and I sat quietly. Sometimes you have to allow someone to make a fool of themselves to get your point across.

It is difficult to have a debate with someone who thinks they’re always right and refuse to listen to the opposing side or what you have to say. We all think we are experts in things, but are we truly experts or do we think that? We think that once we have a thought in our brain we tend to run with it, even if we have actual facts disproving what we once thought.

I want us to have more civil discourse in this country that does not lead to yelling and potential violence which feels like it is becoming more of the norm. It should not be. You may not agree with what the opposing side is saying, but you should at least hear them out and most important of all, you need to respect it.

Written By Jason Jones