SAN FRANCISCO—On August 30, BART announced that it will be adding notifications for canceled trains and the new Fleet of the Future tracking updates to its digital platforms signs.

The updated digital platform signs notifying passengers of which trains are Fleet of the Future trains and which are the standard legacy trains began on August 31. BART will also notify the public when train lines have been cancelled.

“Platform digital signs are one of our most important communication touchpoints we have with the public because they offer real-time information. These improvements will increase transparency with our riders and will show we are working on ways to make taking BART easier and more enjoyable,” said BART General Manager Bob Powers in a press release.

The Fleet of the Future trains have three doors with the wheelchair seated area being located in the middle portion of the train for easier access to passengers. Notifications for when a train is canceled is part of the Trip Planner feature on the BART app, but it will now reach a broader audience by being broadcast on the digital platforms.

Some other updates that the BART Computer Systems Engineering team are working on include:

  • A “delayed” notice for trains that are holding down the line. This update will indicate when an approaching train is being held and delayed.
  • To pilot modern signs at three yet-to-be-determined stations in the next 12 months. BART’s current platform signs are no longer manufactured making repairs very difficult as parts need to be replicated.
  • Use full color to incorporate the color of each line as the new Fleet of the Future trains do and the ability to post side-by-side messages. This will mean train arrival times will always be displayed alongside other messages from BART.

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