SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, September 3, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded several organizations with nearly $8 million to protect and restore the San Francisco Bay and its watersheds.

One of the organizations, American Rivers, was awarded a $1,376,623 grant for its Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project. The project, with the help of the federal funding, will restore 12.5 acres of floodplain in the Marsh Creek Watershed, as well as 4,000 feet of creek that have eroding “due to rapid urbanization.”

“This project will be a great example of how a healthy stream can provide so much value to our communities, from flood protection to salmon and wildlife habitat, to recreation opportunities. We are grateful to the EPA and our partners for seeing the potential in Marsh Creek. This is the type of multi-benefit project that we need to replicate across the region,” said Steve Rothert, California Director for American Rivers.

Some of the other organizations that recieved federal funding from the EPA are:

  • San Francisco Estuary Partnership (Transforming Shorelines Project, $1,481,109)
  • City of San Pablo (San Francisco Bay Stormwater Trading Pilot, $680,000)
  • East Bay Regional Park District (Alder Creek Restoration in San Leandro Creek Watershed, $1,509,268)
  • County of Napa (Oakville to Oak Knoll Reach Restoration, $740,000)
  • Oro Loma Sanitary District (Microvi Nutrient Sidestream Treatment, $1,000,000)
  • County of San Mateo (San Mateo Regional Stormwater Project, $500,000)
  • County of Marin (Marin County Trash Control Infrastructure Project, $685,000)

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