SAN FRANCISCO—BART announced Sunday, October 29 that the filtration and UV light system tests used to create better air quality are showing promising results.

In mid-August of 2020, BART reported that they were testing MERV-14 filters to replace the MERV-8 filters that are already used in BART cars.

The MERV-8 filters catch particles that are between 3 and 10 microns in size, while the MERV-14 catches particles between .3 to 1 microns in size.

UV lights that zap particles are also being tested, BART stated.

BART said that while COVID-19 has sped up to process of testing the MERV-14 filters and UV lights, these innovations have been in the works for years and that the air within the train cars will continue to be replaced every 70 seconds.

Riders will also not have to worry about ventilation not working when the AC is down.

“A common perception we’ve seen around BART’s air filtration has been the notion that if the AC is not working (and we know this happens in the legacy fleet), ventilation also is not working,” BART said in a public statement. “That’s not correct.”

“Most of us [who] regularly [ride] BART [have] experienced a ‘hot car’ where the AC stopped working in a legacy fleet car,” said BART. “The ventilation…continues to work in a hot car. Even if heating…or air conditioning…is not. Air is being filtered & replaced.”