HOLLYWOOD—Well, last season of the A&E hit “Bates Motel” took viewers by a massive surprise with the death of Norma Bates, yes, Vera Farmiga is no more in the flesh, but the actress will still play a major part in season five as Norman fully transforms into the sociopath known as ‘Norman Bates.’

The final season kicked off with the episode, ‘Dark Paradise,’ where Norman was still coming to grips with the reality that his mother Norma is no more, but in his ‘mind’ his beloved never disappeared. Complicating the matter is that Sheriff Alex Romero found himself taken into custody before he could prove that Norman killed his mother. I mean this guy is visualizing his mother and carrying on full-blown conversations with her. Talk about crazy.

Romero seems to be adjusting well to being on the other side of the law, but if that punching bag is any sign; he’s looking to take out a bit of aggression. Norman found himself smitten by a new female face, but was frazzled when he pulled out the wallet of a man who he had no memory about. Things were looking good for Dylan and Emma in their new abode far from White Pine Bay. I mean these two even have a kid! Why am I thrown by the fact that they seem ambivalent to what is happening with Norman and Norma. Too bad their happy time was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Caleb. Wow, it’s true, Dylan, Caleb and Emma have no idea regarding the fate of Norma, and how warped Norman has truly become.

In a frenzy, Norman realized he may have been responsible for murdering the man who fixed the furnace issue in their home. Norman was a bit curt when a guest by the name of David Davidson (Austin Nichols) stopped by the Bates Motel. Norman just couldn’t help himself and decided to utilize his peephole to spy on his latest guest, before receiving a call from his ‘mother.’ Looks like Norma’s psyche was troubled with the revelation that Norman couldn’t grasp with the jealous side of his mind, aka Norma, when it comes to women.

Just like in the movie, Norman laid by his mother’s body which he preserved in the basement cellar. Dylan was conflicted about his father being closer to him, Emma and his granddaughter. He revealed to Emma that Caleb was vital in helping come up with the funds for her surgery. Norman was rattled to arrive back at the hotel to find that his safe had been broken into, but that discovery was halted by the arrival of Madeline, the woman he met at the paint shop. Looks like Madeline might be putting herself in danger by making ‘mother’ jealous.

Emma and Caleb had a heart-to-heart, where she asked her father-in-law to leave their home to prevent heartache to Dylan. Norman decided to take Madeline up on her offer to attend the small business meeting gathering in town, but he had a bit of a ‘scuffle’ with Norma about his actions. She forced him to acknowledge a harsh truth that he murdered that man whose wallet he had in his possession.

Complicating the situation is that the guy’s body was stashed in their deep freezer. It soon became a chore for Norman to drag that body to the trunk of the car, with aspirations of disposal in the lake, however, Jim’s phone began to ring. Norman answered the phone and was unhinged when he discovered that it was Romero who sent Jim to take out Norman! Game-changer people, epic shift of events, with more surprises along the way! “Bates Motel” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on A&E.