HOLLYWOOD—Battles are indeed underway on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” At the forefront is the drama involving Thomas Forrester and Liam Spencer. Liam could not shake his intuition that has been telling him that something is off with his nemesis Thomas. After that chat with Finn, Liam was more convinced than ever before and decided to confront Thomas. What he found inside that apartment was that Hope mannequin that had Liam speechless.

Thomas has started to spiral and spun a tale hoping to convince Liam that the doll was for work he was doing for Hope’s collection at Forrester Creations. With that said it ultimately led to Liam, spilling his guts to Steffy and Hope, but neither seemed convinced by Liam’s warning, if anything they should be. Why? Thomas’ obsession with the doll is getting worse people. Not ONLY is the voice in his head telling him to take action to eliminate Liam, but he is now convinced that the doll is actually ‘Hope’ and wants to be with him.

Yeah, at first I seriously thought this storyline was beyond silly and just absurd, but I’m seeing some potential with this and my gut tells me that Liam will see something bad transpire between Hope and Steffy realize just how off kilter Thomas truly is. This is likely to lead to more chaos as Douglas re-enters the picture and we slowly move towards February sweeps.

While that battle continues, another one is brewing, between former besties Shauna and Quinn. It’s amazing how quickly Quinn will turn on someone if she feels like she is receiving the short-end of the stick. Yes, two people implemented the plan to dupe Ridge into that phony marriage, but let’s be honest it was all Quinn’s idea and it blew up in her face majorly.

For starters, Eric booted her and wants nothing to do with her at the moment. Words being pleaded by Wyatt, Quinn and Shauna are all falling on deaf ears with Eric. He’s heard it all and we all know that Quinn has betrayed his trust before, so this almost feels like the nail in the coffin for these two. With that said, Quinn is cramping Wyatt and Flo’s housing arrangement, and fearful that Shauna staying at the Forrester mansion has to end now.

Wyatt discovered that Shauna had not moved out of the home as promised and it led to him spilling the beans to Flo and Quinn. Oh, this only boiled Quinn’s blood more and it led to Wyatt raising some accusations: Shauna wants Eric! Guess what? I think she does and has always wanted Eric; Ridge was just a cover people. So it looks like the writers are ‘trying’ to give Wyatt and Flo something to do now that Sally has left Los Angeles and to greater pastures (in my opinion) to “The Young and the Restless” people.

I’m not sure where this is actually headed, and not sure if Eric is doing this because he feels sorry for Shauna or he’s attempting to get back at Quinn for her antics, but with that said, Quinn totally deserves it. Like I said, you reap what you sew. In happy news or depending on who you ask, Zoe and Carter are engaged. Yeah, that was quite quick if I’m being honest people. Carter is on cloud nine, so is Paris, but Zoe she’s ambivalent and Zende is just stirring.

Here’s the thing, Zende just met Zoe like 3 weeks ago in TV terms. In the soap arena, they’ve known each other a couple of weeks. There is no way in hell the writers are going to make me believe a love connection was made that quick. The spark between Zoe and Zende was so strong, she’s willing to toss a relationship with a good guy like Carter away for Zende who she barely knows and just got out of a marriage?

I know the writers like to think the viewers will fall for anything, but we won’t. Why do I sense heartache is headed Carter’s way yet again, and Zoe and Zende will become some glory couple or maybe just maybe the writers will throw Paris at Zende so the romance between Carter and Zoe flourishes. I guess we will have to wait and see.