SAN FRANCISCO—Authorities in Colombia’s second largest city, Botoga arrested a man from California for allegedly possessing child pornography and offering cash over Facebook to girls as young as 13 in exchange for sexual acts.

The chief prosecutor’s office released a video on Sunday, March 31 showing Thomas Renno being handcuffed after arriving to the city of Medellin from San Francisco. Renno was making his seventh trip Colombia since 2017, during which he is believed to have victimized several minors.

Renno faces charges of aggravated crimes of commercial exploitation, pornography and the use of mass media to propose sexual activities. According to a news release by the investigative agency in Colombia, there were at least five victims between the ages of 13 to 17.

He used three Facebook profiles under the names Tom Renno, Tom Rene and Tom Reinolds to contact at least five different girls and offer them up to $100 to agree to his propositions, investigators noted. Renno also used Facebook to share explicit photos and pornographic material.