HOLLYWOOD—Look, I will be the first to say that last week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” was a bit slow. It didn’t deliver the one two punch that its pilot did, but it was setting the stage for where the rest of this season will go. For starters, Alison officially got herself entangled when she provided an alibi for her students on the night that Nolan Hotchkiss was murdered.

This week’s episode, ‘If One of Them is Dead’ kicked things off with Alison having a pep talk with her students to stay mum and act normal; easier said than done. Claire got video of Caitlin, Ava and Dylan out strolling moments before Nolan was murdered. Claire wanted answers and this woman is ruthless when it comes to getting answers. Again, the secrets that Nolan had on the trio had them unraveling. Like a said, these three are friends only associated for convenience.

Mona railed into Ali for giving her students an alibi, which further turned into asking her frenemy for help on Dana Baker to utilize her high tech skills. Ava nearly lost it when Mason sat in Nolan’s seat, which led to Dylan and Caitlin giving the stink eye to Mason. This guy is an enigma and I want to know more about him in regards to his relationship with Nolan. Looks like Dana had her trump card, which was evidence on Caitlin and her little secret. Caitlin barked a bit and it was very fun to watch, just as Ali dug a bit about Mason who remained elusive. Ava is still turning to the bottle to cope with her emotions.

Claire delivered a gift that she assumed was for Caitlin, as she spilled a bit of tea about those incriminating photos. Ali wanted details on Mason from Mona, who revealed Nolan and Mason were pals until Mason broke the bro code. The issue of intelligence came front and center as Ali and Mona discussed Nolan’s murderer being someone intellectually advanced.

Caitlin decided to snoop around Ava’s room, before she was interrupted by Ava. That gift Claire gave Caitlin was actually for Ava. Dylan received a photo of him and Nolan in bed together, and the more he attempted to get rid of it, it didn’t go anywhere. Yet again, here’s the fun police, Dana Brooks being a thorn in everyone else’s side. She is really starting to remind me of the officers in Rosewood. Dumb, clueless and just annoying, but there was a bit of fun as the three bonded over helping others. Finally, the three shared a genuine moment, as they continued to investigate who was responsible for Nolan’s murder.

While visiting Nolan’s last spot before he was murdered, they stumbled upon a startling face, Alison! Ava noted she followed Nolan and knows that he met with a blonde woman who looked like Ali, we know that person to be Taylor Hotchkiss. It is very interesting that this girl has managed to keep the fact that she is alive a secret. The trio discovered while driving back to campus, there was something stinky in the car. Dylan wasn’t ready to clue Alison in on the evidence that he discovered, but that conversation was halted when they discovered Nolan’s stash which consisted of a dead skunk with a note.

Things culminated with Mona discovering from Ali that Taylor Hotchkiss is very much alive! Of course, the person who faked her death would know how to carefully take steps to prevent someone from discovering the truth. This episode dropped a ton of clues, ones that will lead to even more excitement, especially now that Caitlin knows that Mason was following them the night Nolan was killed. Until next Tuesday, “Perfectionists” fanatics!