SAN FRANCISCO—Technology executive Keith Rabois revealed at the Meridian conference on Tuesday, November 17 that he is moving from San Francisco to Florida.

Rabois is a tech executive at Silicon Valley who previously worked at companies like PayPal, LinkedIn, and Yelp. He told Fortune magazine that he is leaving San Francisco because he believes it is “just so massively improperly run and managed that it’s impossible to stay here.”

He has lived in the Bay Area for two decades and says he is moving to the state of Florida very soon.

On Twitter, Rabois expressed distaste for San Francisco and responded to other Twitter users have have complained about the city as well.

On November 18, just one day after announcing that he was leaving the city, Rabois responded to Teddy Schleifer, a writer for Vox, after Schleifer tweeted that “125,000 people have left San Francisco since March (or at least changed their address).”

Rabois responded with: “As predicted…And this is just the beginning.”

In Zillow’s Urban-Suburban Market Report, which was released in 2020, they reported more people are leaving San Francisco than ever before. More houses in the city are on the market. According to the report, San Francisco is the only large city that this is happening to.

Rabois is not the only tech executive who decided to leave not just San Francisco, but the state of California. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey was supposed to move to Africa.  Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, moved from SF to Los Angeles in 2018.