SAN FRANCISCO—Caltrans completed the final installment of the Bay Bridge west-bound on and off ramps towards Yerba Buena Island on Sunday, October 23. Bay Area residents were able to walk and bike from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island on the Bay Bridge.

Caltrans opened the gates at around 11:30 a.m. The Bay Bridge was originally scheduled to open at noon, but a Caltrans spokesperson stated to KPIX 5, “We figured when it’s ready to open, just open it…don’t make people wait.”

The new path is 4 and a half miles in length with surrounding views of the Port of Oakland and the Bay. There are bike paths spanning in each direction across the 15 and a half foot stretch with an additional lane for pedestrians on foot.

According to the SF Gate, the completion of the bridge took more than 20 years of planning and $98 million. As reported by the SF Gate, the pathway will only be open on the weekends as Caltrans completes the demolition of the old east span pathway to ensure the safety of citizens from “noxious fumes released by the smoldering of the old bridge.”

The San Francisco Transportation Authority is providing a free shuttle service, a 2-minute ride that will take bikers and pedestrians to Treasure Island and back every 30 minutes.