SAN FRANCISCO— Some beaches and parks will be closed to “limit overcrowding and help maintain social distancing,” especially during Labor Day weekend explains the East Bay Regional Park District on their website. Regional Parks were closed due to the recent wildfires, but have reopened as of Thursday, August 27, but COVID-19 park closures are still in place.

EBRPD safety guidelines (EBRPD site)

“All Visitor Centers, water fountains, picnic areas, swim facilities/areas, boat ramps, playgrounds, sports fields, campgrounds, group campsites, backcountry campsites, kiosks, and reservable facilities are closed at parks during the pandemic,” stresses the EBRPD. Park safety preparations include staying close to your home, downloading a park map before leaving home, bringing water and hand sanitizer, face masks, a six-foot max dog leash, and poop bags. Plan on walking, hiking, and biking. Do not plan on swimming, picnicking, or gathering in a meetup group.

NPS asking park visitors to follow signs (NPS twitter)

San Francisco County beaches maintained by the National Park Service are open, but “sites or facilities that encourage congregating, including visitor centers, remain closed to help slow the spread of the virus,” the NPS specified on their website. Closed facilities include picnic areas, fire pits, Presidio and Lands End Lookout Visitor Centers, Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center, and Cliff House and Lands End Lookout Cafes. The NPS has many digital tools to explore parks and beaches online and encourages people to do so.