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Being A Woman Today, The Largest Female Sex Health Study Launched

Photo courtesy of Drexel.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.— The project, Being A Woman Today was launched on November 10 2012. The company Human Innovations, LLC based in North Carolina and the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality based in San Francisco are collaborating together in the study. Human Innovations, LLC develops technologies using the most up to date information technology devices for reviewing western medical and research and complementary/alternative therapies. The Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality is considered the “Harvard” of human sexology study, offering professional and certificate programs as well. The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education has approved of IASHS as a genuine study environment. It is also possesses the largest resource library in the entire world.

The project is an international effort promoting the understanding of women’s sexual health through surveys, interactive Talk Shows and online communities with the help of renowned clinical sexologist and researchers. The objective is to carry out 50 international surveys within a 5-year period addressing women’s sexual and well-being. Women around the world will have the opportunity to respond questions they might be uncomfortable addressing aloud, in an honest manner. This will be the biggest research program in history. An imperative part of health is for an individual to be aware of their own bodies, which in the case of women is still a topic of little discussion. Another purpose of the study is to offer women the opportunity to define for themselves what healthy sexuality means for them.

By Jennifer Alcaraz

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