UNITED STATES—I rarely get sick America, but when I do get sick it tends to be pretty bad. I recently came down with an illness that to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever had in my life: Pink Eye. Yeah, it’s not a pretty sight America and what’s worst is that it can irritate you to the high heavens. I thought something was up the moment I found my eyes being excessively watery on the tail end of last week. I knew it was not normal and that something was definitely wrong.

So I paid a visit to my primary care doctor. I knew in my guy it was Pink Eye, but like most people you never want to assume and you want that confirmation to put one’s self at ease. With that said, the doctor took one look at my eye and was well aware that it was indeed Pink Eye that I was suffering from in my right eye. This was not any ordinary Pink Eye, it was bacterial meaning it’s far more contagious than most.

That totally did not make my weekend kickoff to a great start. How so? I literally had to quarantine myself form everyone to ensure I was not spreading the potential of Pink Eye to others. In addition, I found myself being stuck at home and limited on my work abilities. You really cannot go to work with the Pink Eye because the doctor specifically told me it was VERY CONTAGIOUS. That alone was all I needed to hear to confirm, maybe this was the universe’s way of getting me to take a break and sit my butt down.

Did I want to be off from my 1 of 2 jobs for an entire 10 days as I healed from an unexpected illness? No, that means I lose vital pay and I did not want to be using my vacation time or personal holidays to make up for time I would not be able to work. In addition, the stress started to weigh in on all the stuff at work that may have needed to be completed, that unfortunately, there was not much I could do to change the situation if I’m being honest.

When you happen to be ill and there is nothing you can do, but sick and work on getting better it is NOT a fun feeling at all America. You have to just let the time move by and that can be quite boring to say the least. There is only so much TV you can watch, so much internet surfing you can do, and worst of all you might want to work even when your body and the rest of the world is telling you just chill, just relax, take a moment to breathe and focus on you and only you and nothing else America.

I keep trying to track in my head WHERE I was and WHAT I did to possibly have caused me to catch the Pink Eye. Nothing comes to mind America, I’ve tried I’ve seriously attempted to wrap my mind around the one thing, person or place I went to where I caught this Godforsaken annoying, irritating and damn contagious illness.

It is what it is. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me anything it’s to be extra sanitary than what I’ve already been, but with me catching the Pink Eye it makes me want to take even more precautions than what I took in the past. I’m starting to realize that just because you get sick sometimes does not mean it’s the end of the world, it just happens to be an issue of circumstance. Sometimes it is the universe telling you to take a moment, breathe and relax. Things will all work out in the long run, there is no need to stress or worry.