PORTLAND, OR—Tuesday, August 25, marked the 90th consecutive day of protests in Portland. Protestors unlawfully entered City Hall and lit a fire outside of the building, which resulted in a declaration of a riot and multiple arrests.

A group of about 150 people with shields, helmets, gas masks, and body armor began a march at about 9:30 p.m., according to the Portland Police Bureau. Upon their arrival, members began vandalizing and entering City Hall. Some were seen breaking windows and others were seen smashing facilities for security. Several people including some wearing “press” clothes entered the building, and due to their criminal behavior, authorities determined that the event was an unlawful assembly. Part of the crowd did not leave after police’s warning, so officers began to disperse the protesters.

After the dispersal, in which police made several arrests, people returned to City Hall immediately and some attempted to break windows on the building. Police officers continued to announce the gathering was an unlawful assembly.

At 11:10 p.m., one of the protesters was igniting an aerosol can and spraying it towards City Hall. Site security guards were working inside at the time, and authorities declared it a riot due to safety concerns for the security guards inside, police reported. Officers warned the crowd to leave toward the south and west, otherwise they would be subject to arrest and the use of crowd control munitions including tear gas and impact weapons.

Officers were hit by eggs and bottles, and one of the protesters shined a blue laser in an officer’s eyes three times. Members of the group put rebar ties in the road in order to burst the tires of police cars, and they shattered the bus stop shelter.

Twenty-three adults including the “press” were arrested and booked and two juveniles were detained with the charges of Disorderly Conduct II and Interfering with a Peace Officer, according to the police.