HOLLYWOOD—Well, Queen Bee has done it once again. The pop star revealed quite a bit to the American public and her fans during her HBO special amply titled “Lemonade” on Saturday, April 23. I’ll be honest the event which had been touted for a little over a week, was highly anticipated and it was full of surprises for viewers.

The visual short-film took viewers on a musical journey with Beyoncé as she shared what many are calling quite revealing details about her marriage and relationship to rapper Jay-Z, not to mention details involving her father, home videos, clips from her marriage and so much more.

From watching the special it was quite evident that Beyoncé did indeed reveal or at least allude to the fact that her husband (Jay-Z) cheated on her and she was none too happy to say the least with his digressions. The singer has never been this revealing in her music; she has teased in previous albums about her love for her husband, but fans and viewers got a taste of a Beyoncé that left me saying, “Wow!”

She was violent at times; there were moments highlighting infamous pop culture moments highlighting the importance of African-American women, as well as the moment where we have images of the mothers who lost their sons after being killed by police officers. The imagery amazing; the visuals are so breathtaking that you can’t stop watching, and the kicker of the entire special? Moments after the special ended, Queen Bee dropped her sixth studio album “Lemonade.”

The album is currently only available for download on Tidal, which hasn’t been as popular in the past, and has many fans a bit irate, especially those who use iTunes or who are looking to purchase the new album. I think the title of this album is perfect because Beyoncé has left many fans with parch throats (in other words you’re thirsty for more) and what better way to quench that thirst than having a glass of lemonade.

“Lemonade” contains a total of 12 songs, including the hit “Formation.” I will admit while listening to the tracks none of them immediately stood out as summer hits in my opinion. This is more of a reflection, personal album that includes quite a few ballads including standout “Daddy Lessons” in my personal opinion. It has a nice melody and strong message. The singer also has collaborations with Jack White, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar on her latest outing. Rumors are floating that the album could be available soon on iTunes which I believe is a smart decision, but from the looks of things in the music arena, it looks like the notion of publicity for a new album, making it available to the brick and mortar stores is becoming a trend that is disappearing quite fast.

Beyoncé started the trend in 2013 with her self-titled album that exploded on the charts and in my personal opinion delivered one of her best albums to date. Looks like Queen Bee has set a trend that will continue in the near future, which raises the question of rather the presence of a CD will soon no longer exist. The album found its way onto iTunes and Amazon early Monday morning.