HOLLYWOOD—We only have two episodes of “Big Brother 18” left fans! Who will win the $500,000 prize? Well, the tables turn quite a few times this week.

Last week we ended with the Head of Household competition that has Corey, Nicole, James and Paul slipping on soap trying to fill their container with liquid butter. Prior to the competition James aligned with Nicole and Corey as the three speculated on taking out Paul or Victor this upcoming week. After plenty of falls, especially from Paul who ends up using a butt slide technique, Corey wins HOH.

Nicole, Corey and James confirm the plan to go after the power couple in the house: Paul and Victor. After James leaves the HOH room, Paul enters thinking that The Final Four alliance is still strong and offers to be a pawn in the plan to get James evicted. At the nomination meeting Corey puts Paul and Victor on the block as a strategic move, and Paul and Victor leave the table in shock at having put all their trust into the showmance.

The Tuesday episode starts and I see Julie Chen on the screen. What the heck, it’s not eviction night! Well, turns out it is a surprise eviction night and Paul and Victor have only the Power of Veto competition as a hope to get one of them off the block. After the nominations Paul goes up to the HOH room to try to salvage his situation. Corey calls Victor up to the room and Victor draws the line saying he will now be gunning after Corey and Nicole. Paul sits back and lets Victor dig himself a hole. Paul, I think, has done the best job at keeping his friendship and his game strategy separate throughout the game.

A POV competition that is on its way to becoming a classic is the comic book memory game. Each of the houseguests have been made into comic book superheroes and the players have to memorize the order of the superhero posters. The hard part in this competition is that each poster has a double with only one right one and just a subtle difference to tell the posters apart. The fastest time wins and the victory goes to Nicole!

Nicole decides not to use the POV and it is surprise eviction time. With a vote of 2-0, and I think we can all see this coming, Victor is evicted. Only took three evictions to get Victor out of the house! The next HOH competition guarantees one of the players a spot in the final three. The competition is called “What the Bleep” and James, Paul, and Nicole have to say whether it is True or False what the bleeped out phrase was. The player with the most points wins, and with a lead of only one point, Paul wins HOH!

Paul’s HOH only lasts one day though, because our regular eviction night is still scheduled for Wednesday. Prior to Victor’s eviction James and Paul align after agreeing that it is the only way to keep Nicole and Corey going to the final two together. Paul goes through with this plan and nominates Corey and Nicole.

The POV competition is baseball themed with the bases being worth 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and 4 days. Each question asks the players what day a certain event happened and the players have to use the bases to add up the correct day. The last person to ring each round gets a strike, and three strikes equals elimination. James, Nicole and Corey are eliminated and Paul is winning competitions when it counts.

Prior to eviction Paul keeps the nominations the same and with James being the sole vote gets to decide who goes to the jury house. James evicts Corey saying this will give him a better chance at winning the competitions to get a final two spot. Paul, Nicole and James are the final three and there are only two episodes left. I’m rooting for Paul since I think he has had the best social game and played the hardest throughout the season, but I am not sure who will actually win since it seems the jury house is also divided.

“Big Brother 18” will air on CBS on Friday at 8 p.m and the season finale will be on Wednesday at 8 p.m.