HOLLYWOOD—We are indeed facing dark times “Big Brother 21” fanatics. I mean Cliff was our last hope to deliver a bullet to the Six Shooters, but he ran into a corner like a coward instead of backstabbing Christie and potentially flushing her power out. How? He wanted to be man of his word, not realizing they STILL plan to take him out at some point. When you have no allies Cliff, it gets you nowhere.

So Bella was evicted by a vote of 9-2, and we had our first endurance competition of the season, but it was one that even I didn’t understand what was going on. It was some sort of contraption where you had to balance yourself. I was really hoping we got the wall comp that has become a staple, but I’m guessing this ‘Camp’ theme is really being taken to heart America. Right off the back, Jessica (useless) dropped, soon followed by Nicole, then Sam, Christie and then Nick. Wow, all the outsiders are out so another victory for the Six Shooters America, gee wholly.

Afterwards Jack and Tommy fell, leaving Jackson, Kat, Holly and Analyse. Who knew the two people who have done the least all game long, Holly and Analyse are finally playing the game. Jackson peed on himself during the competition before falling out the game. It was evident that the ladies DID NOT want Jackson to win and it was clearer by the fact that Kat fell almost immediately after him. So Holly and Analyse battled for power, and why these two just didn’t make a deal sooner left me baffled. However, it was Holly who came to victory, meaning its Jackson’s HOH America.

Holly doesn’t really have a mind of her own, and that was evident based on the treatment she received last week from Jackson when she informed him that she didn’t want to have sex with him anymore because the cameras were watching. This guy is a complete douche, and I’m more livid because he cheated all last week while being a have not. He took hot showers; he was sneaking food in the shower and not even sleeping in his bed. This guy is production’s pet, the live feeders know it, and it just shows a lack of integrity in the game. Jackson might be productions pet, but dude has a lot to worry about when he comes out.

The vitriol for Jack and Jackson is unlike anything I’ve seen since “Big Brother 15” and I feel sorry for those two, but then again I don’t, you reap what you sew and you know going into that house that everything you say and do is televised on the feeds. Jessica continued to be clueless as ever; I swear whoever cast this woman needs to be slapped in the damn head. She is an absolute idiot and the worst player I’ve seen since Victoria. I mean Victoria was bad, but Jessica is just plain stupid. Why is she even there?!

Kat stuck her foot in her mouth volunteering to be a pawn if one of the two nominees comes off the block. That’s the problem with recruits, they just don’t understand the game, but it’s better for the audience. Think before you speak Kat because you just put your foot in your mouth and it’s too late to back out now. So Holly nominated Nick and Sam, no surprise there America, but with the veto in play, I knew Sam and Nick had a good chance with competition like Tommy, Jessica, Cliff and Holly. I was right because Nick pulled out the victory, so that plan of sending him packing this week is not going happening Christie!

Kat was throwing Nicole hard under the bus to get nominated over her, but Holly didn’t want to make more waves considering she was never a target of hers. Cliff learned real fast his notion of trying to get closer to the six, was all for nothing because he was iced out by them. This guy is such a butt kisser it’s not funny. I want to harken back to the golden days of BB when players played fearlessly and without regret.

Nick and Cliff are paying suck up, but how valid that is all depends on what they say in the diary room, but right now, I seriously have no one to root for because I despise all these houseguests; it feels like “Big Brother 19” all over again, but maybe worse. I’m seriously hoping Nicole wins this next HOH, she needs it desperately to make a move against the other side and cause more fractures in that core of six. I would say Nick, but I’m not sure he’d even seek vengeance against Christie and her crew for stabbing him in the back.

A war is brewing between Christie and Jackson, Christie is not trusted by Jackson, and Jackson is not trusted by Jackson. Tommy being the fun sponge, is trying to delay the inevitable, but if you wait too late, that’s how you lose the game. You make the move when you have the opportunity to do it. Jackson and Holly are indeed at the bottom of the six, while Analyse and Kat were both exposed as rats to each side. So with Sam and Kat on the block, it is looking nearly unanimous that Sam will be out the door.

However, America we might have a bit of hope. I never thought I wanted a twist so bad in this game then right now. Why? We get to influence the game yet again, with America’s Field Trip, which will send three houseguests on a trip, with one of them having their game place in jeopardy. Oh, this is great, the opportunity to send a clear message to the houseguests who we like and who we don’t like; it’s a direct blow to the houseguests as to how they are perceived on the outside.

The only question that remains is what happens to the other two who don’t have their game in jeopardy are they safe? The terminology of this new twist will be vital for fan voting America, if we want to shake the game to its core.