HOLLYWOOD—The tide has finally turned America, I’ve been patiently waiting for some drama on “Big Brother 21” which hasn’t been a fave of many fans. I mean there has been some despicable behavior and comments from several of the houseguests, and more frustrating is that one alliance, ‘The Six Shooters’ has dominated the game, until now. During the fifth live eviction, utter hell broke loose as Sam Smith, the trucker who loved to yell in the diary room, started planting seeds that didn’t light a fire, but caused the house to explode.

Before Thursday, it was certain Sam was headed out the door, but come live-eviction, it looked like a flip was about to transpire and Kat was about to be sent packing. Utter chaos was the direct result of Jackson telling Jack, that Christie is coming after them, which Jack did not believe. That was chaotic, as it became clear that Jackson knew Holly and Kat knew one another before entering the house and he spilled that tea to Jack, who was speechless. He took that news to Tommy, who spilled to Analyse and Christie and utter hell broke loose.

There is a problem, people need to be careful of what, where and when they speak in the BB house because people are always listening. Holly heard Tommy and Analyse’s conversation and knew she had to go to work to diffuse the situation. The Six Shooters had a pow wow in the Boat Room and utter hell broke loose and it was terrific TV to watch, Jackson yelling, Christie yelling, Tommy trying to play mediator, Jack being condescending, Analyse trying to be relevant and Holly and Kat busted per say.

On the outside, Jessica, Cliff, Nicole, Nick and Sam listened and watched in epic glory. Oh, it was delicious TV. However, the flip didn’t happen, as Sam was sent packing and jury has officially started. However, the Six is over, and this HOH was vital. It was a memory comp, and damn was it a hard one, but in the end it was Nicole, Jessica and Kat fighting for power, and it was Jessica to win.

Look, I’ve been down on Jessica for weeks because she has played clueless, but she truly rose to power this week and I loved every minute of it. She finally realized there was an alliance of six, and that she and the others were being picked off one by one. She solidified an alliance with Nicole, Kat and Cliff, with Nick as a part of that gang. Nick has been in a bit of hot water, with his decision to try to play both sides. I get it, he’s playing “Big Brother,” but at the same time when you try to ride the fence you can get busted. Jessica and Kat were picking up on Nick being too chummy with the Six.

If anything all we want is a diary room from Nick acknowledging that he is playing the Six. I mean they did take out his love Bella and his best pal Sam in the past two weeks. If anything he should want revenge against the Six for not only blindsiding him during his HOH, but taking out his allies. Jessica made a move, but not as bold as many fans wanted, but she nominated Jack and Jackson. It was ALWAYS a treat to see the underdogs come to power and cause the people who were in power to scatter and shake in their boots a bit. Yeah, it doesn’t feel good to be on the bottom does it Tommy, Christie, Jack and Analyse?

Christie and company were certain Jackson was the target, but little did they know that it was actually Jack who the bottom feeders wanted out. Jess should have nominated 2 of the 4, because Christie’s power could cause problems if Jack or one of his allies won the Power of Veto. However, Jess came to the rescue again winning the POV, meaning, Christie’s power is a complete bust, and it looks like Jack is about to be the first member of the jury barring any surprises. Christie and Tommy are coming to the realization that they are at the bottom and are targets for Jackson (2000 percent) and a vast majority of the house as well.

This is where you see if a player is a stellar player when they face actual adversity, something Derrick from BB16 never encountered if you ask me. The POV was a good one as it was the prize swap comp, where punishments and prizes were won. Those punishments were granted to Tommy, Jack and Jackson, oh America we are getting everything we’ve asked for.

The one interesting hiccup is how this field trip works because it can completely change the game because fan favorites can be voted by America hoping their favorite wins safety, but inadvertently places them in immediate danger where they can become a third nominee. I sense we might be seeing another endurance competition this week, and I think it will be epic because nearly everyone wants the power, especially the remnants of The Six Shooters, oh, this is looking good BB21 fanatics!