HOLLYWOOD—I have no idea what it is where the day before an eviction utter hell has broken loose, not once, but now TWICE on “Big Brother 21.” We teased how epic it would be if Christie went home on Tommy’s HOH, but with him winning the veto and removing his pal, Christie was safe and we were losing either Kat or Cliff. It looked like Kat, but wow did things heat up late Wednesday night, when Nicole (bad move) decided to spill to Jessica about a deal being made that did NOT include her. Jess was not happy and had diarrhea of the mouth and started spilling to Holly and Analyse.

This led to a spiral of events where, Nick was in the hot seat, Christie was not having it, Jackson and Holly learned they were at the bottom and major targets, Tommy was scrambling and it looked like Cliff was about to see himself tossed out the front door again. The votes were there and before Jess spilled, I absolutely believe Nicole was seriously considering evicting her closet ally.

Kat gave an eviction speech throwing Cliff under the bus, but it was not enough to save her game as she became the second member of the jury. She sure seemed unprepared for that eviction interview with Julie Chen where she seemed all over the place America. I love Kat, but hearing rumblings that she belittled Nicole and took personal jabs before being evicted does not make me happy. The woman can indeed be catty America.

Anyways, let’s get to our endurance HOH competition. Look, I’m sick of seeing the same ole competitions. This has become a staple and houseguests expect it. We need to change those dynamics. Houseguests should have no idea of what is coming when it comes to a competition. With that said, this looked like Nick and Christie were doing exceptionally well to start, but those two gassed out, and Jackson ran to the victory.

If you seriously told me a month ago I would be rooting for Jackson in any fashion in this game, I would say there is no way. However, this is what BB does to fans. People you hate you start to love and people you love, you start to hate, but it does NOT excuse Jackson’s earlier behavior which he will have to answer to when he gets out the house.

Jackson came into power, and finally someone was ready to make a move without any fear and he immediately nominated Christie and Analyse. He had been thinking Cliff at first, but after sleeping and having plenty of watermelon he realized that one of the core four (Nick, Analyse, Christie and Tommy) had to go, and if he nominated ANYONE outside of that four, he could be in a dicey situation. Finally, someone clearly thinks.

Look, Christie is a sore loser; this woman does not take defeat well. Last week she cried after being nominated by America, this week she is crying because her grip on the game has shattered. Hey, if you kept your mouth shut about NOT wanting to go to the end with couples quiet, you would not be in this predicament. Holly was alienated by her former allies, except Tommy who is so fake it’s phony. How people don’t see his transparency I have no idea. It’s SO OBVIOUS! Earth to Tommy, the six is NOT getting back together; please adapt your game accordingly.

Nick and Tommy soon realized that they could be potential nominees, just as Jessica bad mouthed Nicole. I swear getting on the Jess train is the worst because she infuriates people who want to root for her. Nicole told you about an alliance she didn’t have to tell you about as a show of her loyalty, yet you despise her for it? Jess you can go, as can Analyse (who doesn’t even want to be there). Please stop casting recruits. Cast people who at least know about BB, even if they don’t religiously watch it.

Christie and Analyse hate Holly and Jackson aka Michie now, but Michie really doesn’t’ care and I’m all for it. It’s a game people, power shifts and you have to expect you and your alliance to not always be in power. I think the Six Shooters never expected that, but Jackson and Holly did. Here comes the Power of Veto where Nick (once again) and Cliff (once again) were selected to play. This is crazy, as Nicole has NEVER been selected to play in a veto competition America. This might be one of the quickest veto comps on the live feeds ending in less than 2 hours.

Jackson earned the victory, so that is now three weeks that the HOH and POV were won by the same person. That’s rare in BB history, and we still haven’t had a repeat HOH yet, with only Nicole and Analyse yet to claim that power, but I sense their time is coming. Christie acted her tail of with the waterworks yet again, Analyse got angry, but did nothing and Tommy came to the realization that he has to pivot his game. This is why I really wanted Tommy on the block to see how he navigates being a nominee.

Christie and Analyse pitched getting Jess, than Nicole on the block, but Jackson’s hate for Christie didn’t cause him to budge. So Christie and Anaylse remain on the block and if you thought the week couldn’t get better, time for another fight, as Christie decided to call out Nick on Taco Tuesday of all days about his allegiances and his positioning in the game which is quite strong to say the least. It was a laughable argument, as nothing new was exposed; everyone knows where Nick is at and that he is more loyal to Tommy and Analyse than anyone else.

Nicole, please pick up on that and target that trio as soon as possible. Looks like Christie is headed to the jury to meet Jack and Kat, and my gut tells me this HOH will be vital. At least that was the case as of Tuesday, but Christie put in some major work Wednesday and may have done the impossible. She may have secured the votes to deliver an epic flip, like some gameplay that goes beyond what Dan did in “Big Brother 14.” Its looking like a 4-2 vote, with Tommy, yes Tommy voting to evict his pal outside the house.

This blindside, will have EVERYONE and I mean everyone fighting for the HOH, and dare I say I’m rooting for Nicole, Tommy or Nick to win HOH to take a shot at Holly and Jackson. The question I want to know is when is the double eviction taking place America because that will be utter hell.