HOLLYWOOD—News in Hollywood left people aghast on Tuesday, August 20 as it was revealed that the popular comic book hero, Spider-Man might be leaving the Marvel Universe. Ugh, this sucks greatly and I mean greatly because we had the iconic character appear in “Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: End Game.” Yeah, and with the snap of a finger the character could be out after Disney and Sony could not come to an agreement with financial terms.

So this is concerning to me for many reasons, because this makes me question what will happen to the web slinger and his portrayer Tom Holland. Does this fracture in the partnership mean Holland is out as Peter Parker and we’ll have a fourth actor assume the shoes of this iconic character? We’ve already had Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, I mean who is next. We recently had Holland star in two great solo versions of Spider-Man with “Homecoming” and “Far From Home.” So are writers expected to completely scrap plans for the teases we saw in “Far From Home” for the next installment in the franchise?

There are just so many questions with the fracture of this partnership that totally blows up the Marvel Universe, as well as Spidey himself. It really sucks that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to an agreement that benefits both parties, because I feel like this will massively impact Marvel’s future projects in a way that many didn’t expect. I’m sure in coming weeks we will learn more about where the Marvel Universe will go without Spider-Man in the mix.

Perhaps the biggest movie that left me shook was the revelation that we will see a fourth chapter in “The Matrix” franchise. Yes, the flick that completely changed special effects and invited audiences to the realm of slow motion action is headed back to the big screen and Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss is expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming flick. My only issue is I was certain that Moss’ character died in “The Matrix Revolutions?” So how do they plan to reintroduce this character back into the narrative?

“The Matrix” was one of a kind; I don’t recall a movie having so much buzz in my life. It was the movie that everyone talked about and the fact that it was a MUST-SEE if you haven’t seen it. I recall seeing “The Matrix Reloaded” on opening day and the line to enter the theater was so long I knew it would break box-office records, which it did. However, that third chapter, “The Matrix Revolutions” was an utter disaster. I felt like the narrative was all over the place and the ending did not satisfy at all. It was confusing, lackluster and just an absolute mess and disappointment to fans of the franchise.

So the one piece of hope is the fact that Lana Wachowski is back to write, produce and direct the flick. The Wachowskis are absolute visionaries, so for them to have another chapter for this iconic flick nearly 17 years after the last movie means they have cooked up something interesting to say the least.