HOLLYWOOD—So much for Brent Champagne thinking he was the mastermind in the “Big Brother 23” house because he was the third person evicted from the game with a unanimous vote people.  Brent was a bit delusional, but now that he is out of the house, it was time for the week 4 HOH and this one was a nail-bitter because going into the week I wanted anyone, but the Kings team to win. I mean Xavier was HOH last week, it would have been nice to see a member of the Aces or the Jokers win the HOH, specifically because it would lead to someone who has outlets in the house to touch the block.

However, seeing them compete as an actual team for the HOH which was a timer puzzle was a disappointment, because the viewer could NOT see all the teams competing. The camera work was terrible and when the winner was revealed we were looking at fish. It was the Kings, and specifically Christian who became the new HOH. How in the hell does the house NOT see him as a target after winning nearly every single competition he has competed in so far except two, in week 4 says a lot. He won the first part of the HOH for the first week, he won the Wildcard Competition, he won the week 3 Power of Veto and now the week 4 HOH, but he’s not finished.

He’s a competitive threat people and the ONLY type of competitions that are weaknesses are quizzes and memory comps. He didn’t do so well in the week 3 HOH America so he has a weakness indeed. With that said, it was time for The Cookout to face a challenge: preventing a member of theirs from hitting the block. Why? Alyssa and Sarah Beth wanted Hannah’s head on the chopping block. Why? I’m not sure. Both seem to be threatened by her, but considering she hasn’t won anything and doesn’t have much influence in the game it feels more like a tinge of jealously more than anything if I’m being honest.

I said last week that this week’s Wildcard Competition would be one that would be the most powerful and indeed it was. Once again this was the third week in a row where the entire house except for the key target (Whitney) in this case, wanted to ensure the WC victory did not fall into the wrong hands. However, with so many people competing already, it was only Azah, Derek F, Whitney and Claire who could compete. Xavier and Alyssa couldn’t because they were safe for the week. I don’t love the WC competition, I thought the Safety Suite from BB22 was a better option. You COULD choose when to battle meaning if you thought you were in danger you could fight to survive.

With that said, Azah, Whitney and Claire competed and it was Claire who edged out the victory. Yah and she got a nifty prize not 1 week of safety, but 2 weeks! Yeah, Claire has officially made jury, which means she picked the right time to compete people. Now as long as she can ensure she doesn’t make waves all will be good people. With that said Christian held convos with each team. Ugh, I really hate this strategy started by Kyland. You all are in teams, but c’mon any fan of the show KNOWS the teams or any major twist in the game always ends around the third or fourth week of the season. Teams are about to be over, start thinking of your solo game and that’s when I think the fireworks will actually start because no more limitations will be in play.

With that said, everyone was throwing Whitney as a target which raised red flags for Sarah Beth and Alyssa. While I might not love Alyssa at the moment, the girl is perceptive and smart. She pegged as well as Sarah Beth that anytime they spoke up, they were immediately shut down by other members of the Royal Flush. You’re getting close, but you’re not there just yet. Sarah Beth voiced her concerns over Hannah and got the target shifted to the person she wanted out.

However, Hannah, Kyland, Tiffany and Xavier to a degree did good work getting the target shifted back to Whitney, however, Hannah still touched the block. So nominees for the week were Hannah and Whitney, so it’s time for the POV, which Christian also won. Ok, houseguests if you don’t see this man is a massive target, each and everyone one of you deserve to lose if you’re sitting with him at the end. It’s so obvious you cannot scream it any louder.

Christian had no intention of using the POV, but other work was being done behind the scenes. Like what? Tiffany put the target on Sarah Beth and did it to a massive degree. People are ready to take a shot at her, but I wonder how Kyland will react to the news, that is a major person in his pocket and remember the Royal Flush was to stay intact, but I’m not so sure America! Not to mention they seem to be getting closer as well. I cannot wait for teams to end because I guarantee you a ton of targets are about to shift in a major way people. Kyland and Tiffany are at odds, which pushed her to pledge more allegiance to Hannah as a possible final two option, while forgetting about Claire. The worst thing Tiffany can do is eliminate Claire. This woman is loyal to her to a fault and Claire is a major shield and someone who will INDEED take you as far as she can at least to the final four if I perceive things the way I do.

I have no clue what Azah is doing, this girl wants to play summer camp. She is NOT cut for this game, she wants to target Derek X, instead of Christian and Alyssa. Um, they are targeting you next if they get power, Derek X is NOT even thinking about nominating you Azah. If I’m looking at the board right now, I would be okay with a Sarah Beth, Hannah, Alyssa or Derek X HOH, to be honest a Tiffany HOH would be fine to see if she actually pulls the trigger and makes a big move.

To top things off we get our first endurance competition for the upcoming HOH this week (which Alyssa pegged) and it’s going to be a fight, I’m pretty sure it will be beach themed since that seems to be the theme for the season, and to be quite honest I’m over the wall comps. Let’s do something like the stop sign in BB19, where all have an equal shot. Hell, I would even settle for something where you have to stand on a disc that moves up and down and sprays you with water or something. Give us some variety because I’m over the wall comp its so predictable at this point it is no longer fun to watch.