HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a double eviction America because it was one for the record books on “Big Brother 24.” When we last talked we all knew Terrence would see the boot on Thursday, but the second houseguest to be sent packing was still up in the air. It really could have been any of the remaining six: Brittany, Michael, Taylor, Monte, Alyssa and Turner. It all depended on who won HOH.

However, we must give credit where credit is due because Taylor was responsible for putting that bug back in Monte’s ear to target Michael if possible to ensure the biggest competition threat was taken out of the game. That bug courtesy of Monte spilled over to Turner who made a grand move, even though he initially did NOT want to make it.

That is the interesting thing about Turner, he gets credit for moves that he has absolute apprehension about making; the move to backdoor Ameerah, taking out Kyle and now the grand move of taking out Michael. Should he get the credit? Not quite if I’m being honest, but not sure how the jury will perceive things. Turner won the HOH that was a memory comp with flashing lights that as a viewer, was nearly impossible to keep up with. Like Brittany said, Michael should have gone after Turner or Monte versus Terrance, because it helps his win equity.

With that said, Turner initially nominated Brittany and Alyssa with the goal of sending Brittany packing. It would all come down to the POV competition, one that was athleticism and speed, as the contestants had to unravel themselves from a rope. Michael was moving pretty fast, but his rope broke during the competition. Which was odd, and production will have to answer to that people. However, it was Monte who edged out the win. He decided, let’s make the move. He took Alyssa off and Turner nominated Michael.

Michael fought to the bitter end, throwing Brittany under the bus, letting Taylor and Alyssa know he would target Monte and Turner if they kept him and the move being made was NOT theirs it was the guys. He was right, but it was not enough and he left the house without hugging anyone. He was pissed, but can you blame the man who won 6 POVs and 3 HOHs, getting blindsided just after making a final three agreement with Monte and Turner.

What’s done is done and we have our final five people: Monte, Alyssa, Brittany, Turner and Taylor. Of course Brittany looks like the odd one out and she could feel it and was aware she needed HOH to ensure her safety and target Turner. However, the in the dark challenge, was one determined by mere seconds, with Monte defeating Brittany by 9 seconds people. Yes 9 seconds.

In my eyes I saw Brittany and Taylor vs Monte, Alyssa and Turner, but Monte nominated Brittany and Alyssa with the intention of sending Brittany to the jury house. Guess what? That did not happen as Brittany won the POV. Now, this veto was a strange one. The competition happened in the early wee hours of Saturday morning and Monte apparently didn’t get the opportunity to complete. It was another time challenge where just seconds determined the winner and Brittany like that is safe people.

So who would Monte nominate as a replacement: Taylor or Turner. Taylor really needed this POV to secure her safety and to take Brittany off and control the vote. They could have forced Turner on the block and send the competitive threat out the game, but nope Brittany secured her safety and Monte realizing if Turner goes he is vulnerable at the final four (um you are) decided it was best to keep him off the block and nominate Taylor.

Monte’s thinking is slightly dangerous because if Turner and Brittany chat and realize that Taylor is a threat, and they should take her out they could do that, it would blindside Monte, but it would then be Brittany, Alyssa and Turner against Monte, who would need that final four POV, which is likely a competition based on things that happened in the house. However, Monte, Taylor and Turner made a final three, where Brittany would be the target at the final four, but the audience knows if Brittany wins HOH and if Taylor or Britt win POV, Monte or Turner is going home.

Brittany is playing hard and I like it, but girl, she’s an emotional mess. She’s crying nonstop and for what? Brittany you put yourself in this spot with all the chaos and lies you told the week before. You made your bed, you have to lay in it. Alyssa is attempting to play by threatening her friendship and jury vote to Turner, which is NEVER a good strategy. Turner was not happy about that and confessed those details to Monte, so they’re aware Brittany spilled to Alyssa about Turner voting her out.

So Brittany is expecting to betray one of her closet allies who would ABSOLUTELY take her to the final two, for Alyssa, who has won nothing, she MIGHT be able to beat, but Alyssa has friends on the jury, at least four locked votes in my opinion (Indy, Jasmine, Kyle and Terrance if she gets there). She only needs 1 more vote people and she wins the game which is the worst possible outcome in my opinion. Brittany if you backstab Taylor, I can guarantee you lose that vote and the jury is probably going to respect you even less, so your win equity is dropping by the minute and I’ve never witnessed someone tank their game so bad.

With that said, this final four HOH I suspect is endurance. We have had ONLY 1 endurance competition this entire season, and they need something to show on the TV show. So base your odds there, I would put Turner as a favorite to win his fourth HOH. If Taylor is still in the game (because danger alert she could be in major trouble), she could go to battle with Turner for this pivotal HOH and that would be a fun. A final four of Turner, Taylor, Monte and Brittany). I really don’t want to know what happens, it all depends on HOH and POV and this would be super fun to witness.

I am eager for another jury segment now that Michael and Terrance have joined, but I feel the viewers may not see another jury segment until the following week right before the finale, but I could be wrong. I see a surprise eviction coming up because the feeds are slowly, but surely dying down and that’s why we tend to have that fast forward eviction. Hate to say it, but I’m ready for “Big Brother 24” to end and the new season of “Survivor.”