HOLLYWOOD—Last week we had our premiere for the second helping of “Big Brother: All-Stars” and it was fun, but now it’s time for us to get into the game. The first week was full of surprises, favorites are still my favorites, some I loved I don’t love anymore and others, I’m still asking myself WHY they are on this cast. With that said, let’s get into the game because Cody is our first Head of Household of the season, and it’s obvious, him not having Derrick by his side has proven he was never the brains of the duo.

The Safety Suite twist was introduced where the contestants, all except the HOH can compete to secure their safety for the week. The winner has the opportunity to ensure their safety, as well as a plus one. However, you can only compete in the Safety Suite once. It only lasts for the first 3 weeks; it’s a great idea because its strategy upon strategy if used correctly and it has to be done in the open.

So why is this important? Cody sent red flags to Janelle and Kaysar, who speculated they might be nominated and fought for safety. Kaysar won, saving Janelle and Cody whined about it. So he had to decide on two new targets and went with Keesha and Kevin. Kevin was an emotional mess, Keesha contemplated rather to talk with Cody or not. You should have talked with him, just get it over with, because it at least tells you where you stand which is important. Kaysar is perceptive as hell; he cloaked a ton of relationships and dynamics in the house. The problem is he shared his ideas with too many people and has to pull back.

Of course Janelle is his ally. Hello, they played TWICE people that is someone he knows he can trust without any reservation. This particularly made Dani jealous. Dani has always had that mean girl mentality. She wants to be the center of attention at times, but sorry Dani, you’re not the icon that Janelle is. She paved the way for you, in case you’ve forgotten. She has aligned with Nicole Franzel, who I can’t stand. I don’t know what it is about Franzel that is so annoying, I think it’s the fakeness. Four years later you decide to thank Da’Vonne for casting the sole vote that helped you win BB18 over Paul? Yeah, Da’Vonne saw through that Nicole F, and so did the rest of America.

Nicole F was in tears on day 2 because she was not getting her way and constantly whined to Cody. Everybody sees you as a duo, you’re not covering well. With that said, I love Ian more this time around then when he played in BB14. Him sharing tales about his autism was just so authentic and Ian is being Ian. America loves it when people act like themselves. Still trying to figure out why David is on, Christmas is actually surprising me and Da’Vonne has some serious bad reads on the house as does Nicole Anthony and Kevin. You honestly think Janelle is a mastermind with Tyler, yet she competed in the Safety Suite competition because she KNEW she was in danger, and guess what she was!

How can people who are so perceptive think that Tyler and Janelle are running the game? Tyler has kept a low profile, and Janelle competed for safety. There was no way Janelle is working with Cody, she and Kaysar clocked Nicody’s alliance after competing in the Safety Suite competition. The same can be echoed for Kevin. He was riled up about being nominated, but it simply boiled down to him not connecting with a lot of people and lacking that confidence that he needs to overcome. If I’m not mentioning certain names it’s because they haven’t been major focal points right in time.

Enzo won the Power of Veto and I was stunned. The guy only won one competition during BB11 and noted on premiere night he planned to step up his competition game. Might be a bad idea when he has such a strong social game. Memphis is playing a great game, I wish he was aligning more with the old schoolers, but he’s playing his own game and bonding with Cody who has plenty of allies. That is the thing about being the first HOH; everyone comes to you. He has a tight foursome with Nicole F, Dani, Enzo and Cody, with the potential for Memphis, Christmas, Tyler and David on the outskirts.

Something people forget about large alliances: there is always someone on the bottom; you never want to be on the bottom. Things are going to implode on this alliance much sooner than later. Enzo choose not to use the veto, but floated the idea of backdooring Tyler. Hmm, Tyler could possibly align with my favorites Janelle and Kaysar and they would be an epic alliance to say the least America. It might happen, so fingers crossed.

It was not looking good for Keesha, who just didn’t have the fight in my opinion to stay in the game. Maybe it’s the 12 year gap since she last played. I don’t know. I can’t say who I really want to be in an alliance because this house is still forming and fluid, however, I’m rooting for the underdogs right now, which are clearly Janelle and Kaysar. I love how under the radar Bayleigh is, but Dani (for reasons I cannot fathom) constantly ties her to Da’Vonne, like no one else in the house is paired. Those two women are not an unbreakable duo America. Hello, if you see another Black person you might develop a bond with them, especially in BB where it’s so where to see more than one Black person in the game.

Tyler is so playing under the radar and I love it, he has an ally in Christmas, who I can already see clashing with Dani and I’m just crossing my fingers to see that explosion transpire. The tension between the ladies is so evident that it’s scary. Nicole Anthony and her playing the rat game against Janelle is frustrating me to the core. Nicole A, Janelle wants to work with you, try to mend the fences, she was telling you the truth about Kevin being a liar and a backstabber. Trust me he will do whatever it takes to get to the end people. I so need a Janelle or Kaysar HOH because I want to see the houseguest scatter at the notion that the people they want to target might have a ton of power to make moves they least expected. Fingers crossed BB Gods, the fandom needs it.

With that said Keesha was evicted 13-0, and Memphis became the new HOH. The good thing about Memphis is that he’s a wild card. However, ugh so sad to see Keesha go because she is such a character. However, someone had to go first, but fingers crossed that the big alliance that is forming sees cracks. I mean it would be nice if “Big Brother” implemented something like a Hidden Power of Veto, it would TOTALLY change the game as we know it.