UNITED STATES—The worry is becoming quite real for me right now. I cannot tell you how many businesses that I have seen shuttered their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is something unlike anything ever seen or witnessed in my 30 plus years of life. However, seeing the number of businesses I’ve seen closed lately is beyond alarming its damn scary. Some people have the notion that when it comes to business, all will survive, but that is not the case.

I’ve seen so many restaurants that have been around for years, gone in a matter of days, local mom and pop shops being forced to hang it up because they can’t stay in business because of the closure rules, retailers laying off tons of staff as a result of no income or inability to pay their workers. Should I continue? This is at its height at the shopping mall. I cannot tell you how many retailers I’ve seen literally close their doors or be forced to close their doors because of financial woes from the pandemic. I mean Justice, Lucky Brand, Sears, JC Penney, Bed Bath & Beyond, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, those are just a select few, but I’m expecting more to shutter their doors real soon. Now all of these retailers are NOT gone completely, but it seems like that is becoming a new trend and its worrisome.

I totally get technology has changed things when it comes to shopping so many people just love online shopping the thought of them even entering a store is like foreign to them. I beg to differ because it’s quite silly, quite stupid and just proves how lazy of a country we are. We WANT everything delivered to us quick, fast and without a hesitation.

You cannot visit a vast majority of retailers and utilize the dressing room to try on a pair of jeans or a T-shirt. Nope, nope, nope, they are not allowing it America and if you think they are you should think again because it ain’t happening people. So you find yourself purchasing an item that you ultimately have to drive all the way back to the retailer to return it because it was too big, too small or didn’t look the way that you expected it to look when you made your purchase. Some might say it’s funny, but it’s not really funny, its time consuming and it’s frustrating more than anything.

With all the closures happening for businesses right now it raises a question what is going to happen to the brick and mortar stores of tomorrow? Will we completely transition to only shopping online or will we see some sort of balance. If I’m being honest, I would prefer to see the brick-and-mortar stores return in full force. I hate Amazon. I despise the company because they are responsible for some many smaller retailers going out of business. Worst of all is the fact that people don’t see it; open your eyes, is Amazon putting any money into your local economy or state’s economy.

For the most part NO, so stop forking over your money to them because you can get something shipped in 1-2 days. Get up off your couch and go make an actual purchase, get some exercise, and actually see the product that you’re purchasing before actually purchase it. The more we shop online the more we’re closing businesses not only in our local community, but throughout the country. Once a business goes out of business rarely do they ever see a return and this pandemic is proving that now more than ever. It’s scary because one’s livelihood has been completely upended by something no one ever expected, and a vast majority of us aren’t doing anything to attempt to change it.

Written By Zoe Mitchell