HOLLYWOOD—It has seriously come to that point, where as an avid fan of the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother” I have officially checked out from the second installment of “All-Stars.” When this season was first announced I was stoked, but as we went week to week with no moves, no entertainment value and such a predictable season, I have officially lost interest. Tyler was the last all-star I was actually rooting for, I guess as a TV viewer we always root for the underdog, but when there are no underdogs left, you can only root for the player whose game you respect the most and at this point that would be Cody. There is just one problem in my eyes: Cody has no personality; he’s not entertaining TV, he’s just like Derrick: bland and boring.

That is unfortunate for Cody, but when it comes to reality TV I want to be entertained and this season of BB has not entertained me at all. It was Tyler and Christmas on the block during eviction night, the episode was so boring that more than half was spent on a jury segment which was LONG OVERDUE America giving us some insight into how the people evicted are thinking. So here’s what we know, Ian respects Nicole’s move about the lie, Da’Vonne not so much. Kevin and David are NOT championing Enzo at all for not making a move to evict Nicole when he had the opportunity to do so, and Dani was hurt by Cody voting her out over Nicole. Dani was pretty salty and threw plenty of shade in Nicole’s way noting she hasn’t been playing the game this season. Well that can’t be good for Nicole’s chances.

With all that said Tyler was evicted by a unanimous vote and got to speak to Julie Chen on eviction night for the first time. Julie is totally losing her ump when it comes to her interview abilities. I don’t know what is going on or if it’s a direct result of her needing an audience to feed off of. However, it was a crucial HOH as if Memphis or Christmas won, it would change the game, but not for BB22. Predictability is what we get best, as Nicole finally won a competition, and it only took 10 weeks for it to happen America!

She is the new HOH after a somewhat endurance comp that has been since before in BB16 and BB20. It was nerve-wrecking to watch, because Nicole didn’t win it, Christmas lost it first after being 1 ball away from a win, then Memphis lost it after being two balls away. If neither lost, this would have been a different week America.

This is an important note to producers of the show, it’s time to shakeup the competitions. The fact that SO MANY PLAYERS know what to expect and when to expect it, is NOT good. I mean BB Comics, Slip N’ Slide, the Wall comp the list goes on and on. It is time to come up with some new competitions that people will NOT expect and put people off their game for a change, with some unpredictability and equitable playing field for all onboard. Nicole nominated (you guessed it), Memphis and Christmas with Memphis as the target.

If it’s NOT obvious to Memphis and Xmas that Enzo, Cody and Nicole are a trio I don’t know what will shine the light on them. The veto would be crucial, but Nicole has now added 2 wins to her resume, winning BB Comics and holding all the power this week, or does that power actually belong to Cody and Enzo. They are a duo and whatever they want to do: Xmas or Memphis they have the option of making it happen. Both have reassured Nicole they will do what she wants and get rid of Memphis, but Enzo is thinking Xmas might be better to take out, and so is Cody. They are indeed wavering and Memphis has no clue whatsoever America. So we could see a blindside and I’m not sure how Memphis will react to that, thinking that Xmas is the target and she is not.

They don’t see her as a comp threat and they assume, she will blunder the final four HOH and veto, but expect the unexpected. I mean no one thought JC would win the final four HOH in BB20, but he did causing a major ripple in Tyler, Angela and Kaycee’s final three plans. So we might expect the ‘What the Bleep’ competition,’ but it could be an endurance comp like last season. It looks like Memphis will be joining Tyler in the jury. Seems like this season when you take out a threat of yours, you soon become the next target.

One bright spot is starting to eat away at Enzo and Nicole is the fact that they are realizing they cannot beat Cody if they take him to the end. You can tell yourself all you want that Cody is beatable, but if he’s sitting in the final two chairs against anyone left in this game he wins hands down because he has controlled this house from the moment he won HOH getting his way week after week. Enzo, let’s be honest Christmas is your best shot and I even think you’d beat Nicole. A way to make that happen is to take out Cody at the final four or final three, as it would show the jury you’re not afraid to make a big move.

As for Nicole, she HAS to cut Cody to win. If she doesn’t and let’s say its Xmas who takes out Cody and Enzo, that might impress the jury, whereas Nicole is being viewed as not doing much which does not help her case at all, even as a former winner. You have to show you made some moves and no one sees that from her. All I can say is you know the season is bad when I’ve stopped watching the episodes and rely on live feed updates to keep track of where the game has progressed. Yes, 5 people is boring, but these 5 people are just predictable and beyond boring. Less than 2 weeks away and all of this misery will end BB fans, not to worry it will soon be over.