HOLLYWOOD—After such an amazing week 6, things returned back to the norm this week on “Big Brother: All-Stars.” Ugh, I seriously think the show needs a revamp and it’s not just me saying that because my favorites are getting picked off one-by-one, but it seems the level of predictability makes the game easy to determine. I mean we’re in week 7 and we’ve only had 1 HOH that was a quiz, like what the hell is going on. Usually at this point we’ve had at least 2-3 HOH quizzes. Instead we’ve had physical, quiz, crapshoot, crapshoot, knock-out, endurance, puzzle; I just want to see more of a mix of things America and we’re not getting it at all.

Memphis won a puzzle competition involving a fire hydrant that seemed to have no resemblance to all-stars if you ask me. With that said, the writing was on the wall before the week even kicked off, 2-3 of Da’Vonne, David and Kevin would touch the block. Oh, the predictability is truly making this season (which fans have been waiting years for nearly a decade plus) one of the worst ever. I mean BB15 ranks top, followed by BB19, BB21 and you can align BB16 and B22 right with them.

No power shifts, ignorant comments and some controversies exposed on the live feeds that have not been made public to the audience. I think the producers know fans are not happy with the season so far, and to be honest I’m ready for it to end so I can be placed out of my misery already. When they said “Big Brother: All-Stars,” I expected actual all-stars to play in the game. More randomness and twists are needed to shake the game because it’s absolutely broken at this point if you ask me.

That lie put into place by Nicole to frame David for being the vote that flipped against Ian was quite genius, but I didn’t expect these three to actual fall for it. There reads this season has been terrible. This is when you need a vet like Janelle or Kaysar in the house would have pointed them in the right direction. However, David held true to his bargain, Nicole got away clean for now, Da’Vonne does NOT trust David at all, and Kevin still is clawing to hang out. Ugh, America we desperately need a Kevin or David HOH this week or this season is a total bust and I mean that a total bust and not in the best way America.

Memphis nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin because she used the veto last week (no, it’s because they are not part of your alliance) and they know it people. Memphis however wanted to backdoor David of all people and came up with a ruse to fool him. However, Tyler won a predictable POV and as a result he and Cody, who is constantly getting his way each week, to go after Da’Vonne not Kevin. No surprise people, gosh I hope there is a jury buyback cause something anything is needed to shake-up this game.

One would think, Nicole, Dani and Christmas would open their eyes that this is the fifth girl being evicted and there will be a major gender imbalance and they will be at the mercy of the guys, which Nicole would just love. For some reason, she wants to be the last girl standing, but this is a season where that is the wrong mentality to have because I don’t see anyone taking Nicole to the end, she lost that chance by allowing Ian to be evicted. If she does not inform Da’Vonne of her snake-like tendencies this will INDEED cause her to lose a jury vote, and I’d be all for it because she will not own her game. It is so frustrating to watch this woman who acts like a toddler throwing a tantrum play this game.

Tyler did NOT use the veto and all signs are pointing to Da’Vonne being evicted and I’m happy. Perhaps the jury house will give clarity on some things and if given the opportunity to return she shakes the house to the core. The only hope we have at this moment is the twist that was discussed last week about a BB Legend moving in as a neighbor to the BB house. Key word being ‘legend.’ I swear it better not be Dan or Derrick. Neither wanted to return for this season, so we don’t want you now either. If there are any legends there are ONLY two, who I would be ok with seeing, Danielle Reyes from BB3 or the one and only Dr. Will Kirby BB2. To be honest Dr. Will sounds like the right choice and I would die if he made an appearance that shook up the game unlike the jury roundtable in recent years.

The producers obviously know fans are clamoring for a change just look how many twists have come into play already and I thought there were to be various rooms throughout the season, we’ve only seen two at this point, which makes me wonder if another surprise is coming sooner than later people.