UNITED STATES—There is just too much toxicity in America right now. I say that because it seems the level of hatred and just despicable behavior is constantly peaking and if I’m being honest, it has not even peaked. At the core of this chaos is politics. It feels like people just don’t want to hear or listen to opposing viewpoints. Now if there is anything I will NOT tolerate its hate speech. It’s not acceptable, it should not be allowed nor should it be praised in any way, shape or form. Some might think it’s ok, and if you do, you need to take a hard look in the mirror and re-examine that you are an individual.

With that said, politics is and has always been a decisive issue in our country and it only gets worst during an election year. I would love it; just love it if some sort of law was formed banning negative political ads. All ads televised had to be positive and focus on things each contender have done, don’t focus on tearing a person down or presenting them in an evil light. It only adds gasoline to the fire. However, we harken back to the issue of Freedom of Speech, and that is an entire topic that we can travel down a rabbit hole for and it’s a wicked one to say the least America.

This might sound crazy, but in my entire life I don’t think I’ve ever attended a political rally. I don’t think it was because the opportunity was not there, because I remember as an undergraduate that we had a major and I mean major presidential candidate attend our university during an election year. I guess I just don’t get too caught up in what someone is ‘saying’ to me, I judge a person more by their actions.

With that said, people have the right to assemble and you don’t have to like it, but you should respect it as long as violence and hate is not being spread in the process in my personal opinion. There are people who are against the Affordable Health Care Act and there are those who are fans of it. There are those who are pro-life and there are those who believe a woman should have the right to choose what to do with her body. Where ever you stand on certain issues, it is your RIGHT to have that opinion and you cannot expect everyone to agree with your opinion.

How you feel about something does not mean someone else will feel the same way and if they don’t, get over it. People have the right to have freedom of thought and I’m happy for it, I would hate for everyone to indulge in a groupthink mentality and to play the follow the leader mentality. We need free thoughts, we need people who are going to debate the opposing side and provide their arguments in a concise, constructive manner that is not vile or violent. This is where my concern is only heightening as we get closer to November 3. People are just furious about everything, and the fact that you can’t put up a sign showing your support for a candidate without someone cursing you out or attempting to physically harm you is the craziest thing in this world.

Like is this what America has become? You voice your opposition to something or someone and you immediately become a target where someone wants to physically harm you or malign your character? That is a problem America and it needs to end today, like right now, not later. Social media ONLY adds fuel to the fire that needs to be extinguished because whenever someone is hiding behind a computer they think they are protected. You are not; your IP address can be traced people, even though you think it can’t or won’t, where there is a will there will always be a way.

Think America, think before you speak, think before you act and try to add a bit more positivity to your life. I’m just tired and I mean tired of all the toxicity in this country it makes a person who is already having a bad day just continue to worry where things are headed in this world.

Written By Jason Jones