HOLLYWOOD—Just when things start to get good, the writers find a way to halt a wickedly evil character from the consequences of their actions. Things have been juicy on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” as a direct result of Bill Spencer going to great lengths to get his beloved skyscraper. His eldest son, Liam turned the tables on dad by blackmailing him with a recording of his confession. Like that Bill’s world exploded in more ways than he could ever expect.

However, it looks like Liam’s power play is over, at least at the current moment. Why? Bill and Justin decided to hire a hacker to delete that recording that Liam had on his phone and flash drive. So Bill is back in the CEO chair at Spencer Publications, Wyatt continues to be the puppy dog and follower that he has always been, but not quite. The recording might be gone, but the knowledge that Bill torched the Spectra Fashions building is known by Bill, Steffy, Justin, Liam, Katie, Wyatt and Brooke, and Ridge has an inkling that Bill did something epic to force Brooke to pull the trigger on their divorce. So what does that mean?

It’s certain that Bill’s dirty deed will become public knowledge as we enter November sweeps people, likely by the end of this week or the start of next week. Now, those ramifications will be huge, and I’m certain his white lie about Caroline being deathly ill is about to reach a feverish pitch. Bill thought he lost everything, but everything is about to start crashing down and no amount of money or trickery will save him for the onslaught of hatred he will receive. He’s getting the things that matter most, and it looks like Bill is still out for Liam’s blood, but the naive son has no clue.

We haven’t talked about good ole Sheila Carter in quite some time, and she has been up to no good per usual, continuing to work her magic on Mateo, dropping secrets and hoping to fracture the affair between Eric and Quinn. Well, it’s starting to work. Quinn turned into a Tasmanian devil upon learning about Wyatt and Katie’s secret relationship. She dragged Katie out the bed, embarrassed Wyatt and was seething mad at Eric for keeping the charade from her. Hmm, let’s pause for a second, this is the same woman who held a secret affair from her hubby where she was smooching and almost became intimate with Eric’s son Ridge.

Yeah, the worst Eric did was not telling you that your son was weary about your reaction to his lover who happens to be an old foe of yours. I was dying for Eric to come out and reveal that his secret was no worse than Quinn cheating on him behind his back. However, he did well to restrain himself and just left the quarters to protect himself from saying something that would further hurt his marriage. Mateo continued to play Sheila’s card, unwilling to the fact that Quinn is indeed getting closer to the Estate Manager whose charm is easily working on a gullible Quinn who can’t tell the difference from being friendly and overly flirty with guys.

However, Mateo grew a bit of a conscious this week deciding he was done playing Sheila’s games and wanted to be on the side of Eric and Quinn out of fear of losing his job. Well, he pushed the boundaries a bit, and Quinn reacted with a fury, which led to him confessing the entire truth, and was Quinn livid. So instead of just tossing Mateo to the wolves, he utilized him to make Sheila think Quinn has betrayed her beloved Eric. Must say this is an interesting development people, and with Mateo now under Sheila’s thumb, there is no telling what will transpire between these two ladies in the coming weeks.

Quinn told Eric the truth and Sheila fell right into their trapped and looked like an utter fool. There is a lot of things you can do to Sheila, but you don’t EVER want her to feel like she has been duped. Quinn has already been on her hit list for weeks, but it looks like after this latest stunt Eric will be on the list too and what she does next for revenge is likely to target the people closet to Quinn and Eric to send a clear message: she is one NOT to be toyed with!

Looks like Mateo, Quinn and Eric will face Sheila’s wrath and if the “B&B” writers are smart they would utilize this plot point to knock of a character or two on the soap? Now how much fun would that be?