HOLLYWOOD—I cannot understand why the writers of “The Young and the Restless” cannot come up with a new storyline. I mean how long is this war between Adam Newman and Billy Abbott going to last 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, who knows. First and foremost, Billy has every RIGHTT to want to make Adam pay for murdering his daughter, Delia, even though it was an accident, but attempting to cover it up. That was a gut-wrenching storyline and delivered some sensational acting from multiple players on the soap.

Billy was grappled with rage and battled it for years, but eventually came to terms, but as a father I know that is something I would NOT be able to let go, no shape, no way and no form. Well, things have sparked yet again, why? Ashland Locke of all people America. Ashland was keeping secrets and Billy got the goods on that major secret that he conned a woman out of her will to have her millions. He has kept that secret tight lipped, but with Jesse Gaines presenting the letter directly to Billy it gave him the ammunition to take down Ashland Locke, Victor and Adam Newman as well.

I thought at Ashland and Victoria’s wedding that Billy chose to let this secret go to the grave, apparently not. Jesse Gaines returned to Genoa City, but Adam and Victor had a plan in place to take down Chancellor Communications and hit Lily and Billy where it hurts. How so? Adam found a way to get Chancellor Communications to publish the story about Ashland Locke and his company without Billy and Lily even knowing it. It baffled Lily and Billy because they were aware neither of them published the story and the fallout was about to hit GC in major waves people.

Gaines being the schemer he is was forced by Adam and Victor to play a role in their attack. So apparently the letter was a fake (I don’t believe that), but that is what Gaines informed Billy and Lily, which means the angle to be taken by Ashland, Victor and Adam is to sue Chancellor Communications for libel putting the company in dire financial ruins. So at this point it all becomes a question of who will expose the big truth that everyone knows is true. Guess the viewers will just have to wait and see.

With that said, Abby is an emotional wreck grappling with the fact that Chance is presumed dead. She is lashing out at everyone, Ashley, Nina, Devon, Victor and anyone in her orbit. Devon is worried sick about Dominic, his biological son and has pushed the notion of Dominic staying with him until Abby can heal. Abby was against the idea at first, but her unaware neglect of the child and just emotional turmoil on her brain has caused her to realize she needs help.

So at the moment Devon is caring for Dominic at his place with Moses and Amanda, who recently had a victory in court against her grandfather Sutton Ames. Yeah, that storyline has dried up in my opinion it has been over a year or longer it seems that Sutton murdered her father and gave the twins up for adoption. There just doesn’t appear to be much meat to this storyline. In the relationship arena, Sharon and Rey are married, but something seems off. Sally and Adam are still dancing around pursuit of a relationship and Jack and Phyllis are forced to face a harsh reality.

What is that reality? Jack and Phyllis were always glued to one another. These two are destined and that weak moment of Phyllis being with Nick was a fluke and her fling with Billy was just that a fling, her heart always belonged to Jack and the fact that the writers are finally pushing these two to reunite is something fans of “Y&R” have been wanting for years.