HOLLYWOOD—It is amazing how quickly you can forget something when it doesn’t become a focal point of the conversation, especially in the soap arena. Audiences were well aware on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that the wicked Sheila Carter is the mother of Dr. John Finnegan. However, we learned a few weeks back that his father was none other than the guy who raised him Jack. Yes, the guy who Finn thinks is his adoptive father is actually his blood father.

Well the chickens came home to roost this week on “B&B” as pressure from Sheila and Finn ultimately resulted in Jack telling the truth to Li who was heartbroken to discover Jack not only lied to her, but cheated on her with Sheila. This lead to Jack and Li having a conversation with Steffy and Finn where he learned a truth that blew his world away. So if you truly think about it Jack is no better than Sheila. Now did he attempt to kill anyone? No, but he let his son think that he wasn’t his biological father, when he actually was.

Finn was gutted by the reveal, Steffy spellbound, but it all made sense for the husband and wife and they connected the dots as to why he was willing to help Sheila to a certain degree: she had a major secret on him that could blow his world apart at her choosing. This might be the opening Sheila needed to get closer to Finn and her grandson. What’s the problem? Deacon.

Why Deacon? Hope has made her intentions clear to Brooke, Liam and Ridge. Deacon is her father, and if she wants to pursue a relationship with him that is her decision and no one can sway it. Brooke was forced to recall her love with Deacon and the betrayal that came with it. I mean you cheated on Ridge with Deacon, your daughter’s husband. Yeah, that is brutal Brooke, so as much as you want to judge people, you might want to reframe from that.

Ridge was NOT happy, not at all people and this decision of Hope’s is going to cause friction in his relationship with Brooke and Liam. Hope had a great point about Deacon being no worse than Liam’s father Bill Spencer. Yes, Bill has committed some devious deeds; recently he attempted to cover-up a fatal hit-and-run people. Just saying, I would NOT give Bill the father of the year award.

Things are tense between Katie and Quinn, as Katie unleashed wholly hell after discovering that Eric practically fired Donna from Forrester Creations at Quinn’s bequest. I mean this woman tampered with Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, kidnapped Liam, threatened his life and cheated on you with your COO Carter and you’re willing to bend over backwards for her? Eric Forrester please wake up, please wake up.

Quinn didn’t like that she got a tongue lashing from Katie in front of Carter who she is smitten by. It forced Quinn to take a hard look within herself about her antics of late. Really? Quinn you haven’t discovered that a lot of the things that have transpired in your life is a direct result of your actions. It feels like the writers are dancing with this possibility of Quinn and Carter reuniting, but they are throwing in Katie as a third wheel that will add to the level of drama people.

Paris had an awkward interaction with Douglas who thought she was Thomas’ new girlfriend. Little does Douglas know that is what Thomas is hoping for and the spark between these two is slowly, but surely building. I mean Paris is with Zende, but we see Paris way more than we see Zende, so it makes sense why the writers are pushing this storyline at the moment. What will happen? That is to be determined. Oh, and for those that are unaware, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) is headed to town. Oh, I cannot wait to see the look on Brooke’s face, but more importantly the look on Sheila’s face!