HOLLYWOOD—I truly do NOT know where to begin on “Days of Our Lives” because the level of chaos at the moment is accelerating at epic heights. For starters, Philip has come up with one of the dumbest plans that I can think of by faking his murder and framing his cousin Brady as a result. Philip carefully thought this plan thru, knocking his cousin out, using his credit card to purchase drinks, injecting him with alcohol and then tossing his prosthetic leg into the water.

There is one major hiccup: Brady is starting to recall what transpired. He recalled being attacked by Philip, but by the time that memory came back cuffs were placed on Brady people. Kate was adamant that Brady murdered her son, but in the flesh she discovered her son very much alive and he shared his sordid tale, just as Chloe dropped the bomb she and Brady never cheated on Philip. Kate knows it’s all true, but Philip is in denial and before this shocking turn of events culminates, Philip and Chloe will be no more people. That is just one tale; we have to talk about MarDevil being fully exposed. Yeah, it seems everyone in Salem is well aware that Marlena Evans has been possessed by the Devil. As a result, John felt her wrath once again, so did Ben and they discovered Marlena is after Ben and Ciara’s bundle of joy.

Look, I know the writers are doing their best to craft a narrative, but every narrative does NOT have to have Ben and Ciara as a major focal point. It seems these two have been shoved down our throats for nearly 2 years now without a breather. Hell, this never happens for most characters in the soap opera universe. It is too much. Let Ben and Ciara have their bundle of joy and fly out of Salem for quite some time. I need a break from them people and I know I’m not the only one.

The utter chaos has not dropped just yet regarding the Devil, and I’m waiting for it, but it will indeed involve the return of Eric Brady who will be in full blown priest entire. Oh, this should be interesting considering the war between Sami and Nicole is erupting. Sami caught Nicole and EJ in bed together, just as Rafe and Nicole continue to dance around their tryst.

Ava Vitali has NO IDEA that her lover cheated on her with her so called bestie and when that bomb drops Ava will see red people and I mean red. I wonder what Sami will do when she learns that secret as well because we know she will use it as ammunition against Nicole and drop that truth to Ava who will be out for blood. I mean EJ knows Nicole’s heart belongs to Rafe, yet he is still charming her, as Susan has attempted to knock some sense into her son to follow his heart. Yeah, he loves Samantha Brady he’s just annoyed at the moment.

You know who else loves Samantha Brady? Lucas. Lucas thinks he has a shot with the mother of his child, but it doesn’t seem likely that Sami is willing to reunite with Lucas even though Allie wishes her parents will reunite. Chanel and Johnny are married, which has Paulina, EJ and Sami not pleased with the result people. Well, they’re young and they’re in love so can you blame the lovebirds? Paulina is still working to get back into the good graces with Lani who is giving her aunt, oops, I meant her mother the cold shoulder people.

Gwen is on edge now that Xander knows Sarah is NOT with Rex who the couple ran into at the Salem Town Square. Xander’s wheels are not churning to find out where Sarah is and if he discovers Gwen knows where Sarah is and has kept that from him, oh, Gwen is about to face the music in an epic way people. Not to mention Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) returned to town with Jack in tow, in time for the annual Horton Christmas decorating tradition, but there was a party crasher, Marlena Evans.

Oh, she has ushered Jan Spears back from the dead (her coma people) and as a result Jan is targeting Shawn and Belle per Marlena’s request. Remember that “Days’ teaser of Shawn in bed with Belle, only to discover Belle enter the room? It looks like he’s sleeping with Jan so this should be interesting people.