SAN FRANCISCO—Steve Foster of Concord was handcuffed after getting into a dispute with an officer at the Pleasant Hill BART station on November 4. The confrontation was the result of Foster eating a breakfast sandwich on the platform.

Foster spoke to KTVU where he indicated he was “singled” out and thinks the $250 citation he received was racially motivated. He was originally going to be cited for the consumption of food on the platform, but refused to supply an ID to authorities. The officer argued that Foster was placed in handcuffs because of his refusal to supply identification and not for the act of eating on the platform.

SF BART released a statement via Twitter that read:

“This happened on 11/4 and we’ve been told he was issued a citation. We’ve brought this to the attention of the Chief. We’ve also sent the video to our Independent Police Auditor and he confirms he is reviewing.”

Citizens have taken to the BART stations in San Francisco to show their support for Foster by consuming breakfast sandwiches in the station. Several small groups have posted their sandwiches and drinks within the BART station.


The Twitter movement is called #eatingonBART, and has led to riders posting pictures of other passengers with drinks and food on the train. Video of the interaction with BART authorities and Foster has circulated through the internet.

Foster is considering legal action against BART and asking for an explanation as to why he was singled out and cited.