SAN FRANCISCO—Officials from the San Francisco Fire Department were notified of a fire at the Inn On Broadway at 2201 Van Ness Ave on Sunday, November 10.

Firefighters lined up across the block to ensure the blaze was contained, and evacuated individuals without any issues. Van Ness Avenue was closed as a result of the fire which took place on the sublevel parking lot of the Inn On Broadway.

A source at a nearby hotel confirmed with The San Francisco News that the car involved in the incident caused the electrical boxes of the Inn On Broadway to catch fire. The source who wanted to remain anonymous stated that the air quality in the area was safe and that their business was not been affected. 

Due to the fire, the Inn On Broadway halted business and is no longer selling rooms. Communication with the hotel is also currently offline.

PG&E will inspect the electrical panels at the site before allowing the public to enter. The fire is currently under investigation to determine the exact cause.

There is currently no timeline on when the Inn On Broadway will resume business, or what consequences the fire may have for current occupants. A source informed San Francisco News that most hotels in the area were sold-out, leaving guests of the Inn On Broadway with limited alternatives for relocation.