HOLLYWOOD—Look sometimes people don’t like recycled storylines, but for me, this is a storyline I want to see unfold on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why? It gives us drama. Yes, it was nice to see both Brooke and Taylor reunite as friends and not consider Ridge as a love interest. That lasted for about a good 6 months, did I expect longer? Yes, but when you have two women who really don’t have much to do, what do you expect.

I mean Taylor and Brooke don’t have much to do if they’re not fighting over Ridge or their children, key word being their children. Look, I am just going to say this and some people will agree and some will disagree: I am not a fan of Steffy Forrester. She comes across very entitled and acts as if her you know what doesn’t stink. When this woman compared Hope to Brooke it annoyed me to the core. Steffy take a look in the mirror. You continued to go after after Liam knowing that Hope was his one true love, hell; you even conspired with Bill Spencer of all people to get what you wanted.

Making matters worse you slept with a married man while you were in a relationship with Finn, not to mention the worse deed of them all, you slept with your Liam’s father, Bill, while married to Liam. Yes, you slept with your husband’s father and you had no idea who was the father of your child. Comparing Hope to Brooke, you might want to take a look in the mirror and compare yourself to Brooke, because you too are more alike than you think.

You might be asking why such a tangent on Steffy, well, she is the reason that Brooke and Taylor are back fighting. How so? She decided to poke her nose where it doesn’t belong by pointing out that Hope might have feelings for Thomas. This is indeed true, but it doesn’t help that Thomas is slightly flirting back with Hope even though he doesn’t see it that way. I can totally see Liam’s perspective here and he has no reason not to be upset. Thomas has caused many problems in his relationship with Hope in the past and currently. The thing that stings to the core is that Thomas played a major role in keeping Beth from Hope and Liam. I’m sorry that is a dagger that is just slightly unforgiveable if I were Hope and Liam.

Hope for reasons I cannot fathom have forgiven Thomas as she co-parents Douglas with him, but Liam should never have to give the guy the time of day. They lost months with their daughter because of Flo, Zoe, her father and Thomas. If anything, Thomas should have come forward as soon as he learned the truth. Nope. He kept it secret and then he used it as leverage to maintain a relationship with Hope. That is not the worse of them all people. Thomas is responsible for killing Emma! He drove her off the road causing her vehicle to crash and it killed her. How the writers just continue to spin that as if it never happened baffles the absolute hell out of me!

Back to Brooke and Taylor, as Brooke was forced to confront Taylor about their kids and their current situation, it became clear that Taylor just wanted Ridge and should have come out and said it. Instead, she decided to use Deacon to make a play for Brooke that blew up in his face and Taylor got exposed. Taylor poured out her heart to Ridge who considered her feelings, but the problem is Ridge has and will ALWAYS LOVE BROOKE LOGAN. Hell when Eric, Ridge’s father sees that and pushes it, Taylor should just throw in the towel already and find another lover. Ridge will love for a period of time, but his heart has and will always belong to Brooke.

She is his one true love and it will never change, the problem is Taylor refuses to see that. Yes, you might have children with Ridge, but before you were introduced to the foray, Brooke already had Ridge, you’re second place and you will always be.

Brooke overheard Taylor’s chatter about her feelings for Ridge and how she REALLY feels about Brooke. The ladies had a confrontation royale and all bets were off. Brooke laid into Taylor like she should have and the war is on people. These friends are back to being full-blown enemies and I like it. While this war is ignited, the war with Steffy and Hope is ignited as she has purposely caused strife in Hope’s marriage to Liam. Steffy needs to focus on Finn and the impending danger of Sheila Carter.

Something tells me Sheila is going to strike when Steffy least expects it and I have the oddest feeling that we could witness Steffy being framed for a crime. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Steffy is framed for the attempted murder of Hope Logan, right in the midst of their little feud? If the writers are not considering this direction, they might want to think about it. This entire trip to Italy is going to be a test for Thomas and Hope and Liam.

It looks like Hope at the very least might share a kiss with Thomas, and if that transpires I can see Liam unexpectedly arriving in Italy to witness it, meaning his marriage is all, but over. The problem is Liam has cheated on Hope with Steffy multiple times, the problem this go around is that Thomas has done the unforgiveable to Liam and that is a blow he’ll never forgive; his wife cheating with his mortal enemy that is something I don’t think Liam will recover from and we could see utter chaos as a result. Think Bill Spencer REALLY GOING AFTER THOMAS FORRESTER! Oh, I would love to see it.