SAN FRANCISCO—The rise of home invasions is causing concern for San Francisco residents and authorities, according to news reports by ABC7.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, burglaries are on the rise throughout the city.

Among the 14 burglaries that occurred in November, two were home invasions in the Buri Buri district of South San Francisco.

Last month, hundreds of locals held a meeting to address the burglaries that have been plaguing the areas of South San Francisco, San Bruno, Daly City and Pacifica.

An elderly woman, claims to have been asleep when she heard someone break in, as she told ABC7 news.

“Suddenly somebody poked me on my back shoulder and said, ‘Give me your money, I want your money.’ And I said to him, ‘I don’t have any money.’ And he covered me over with the quilt and I just stayed down, I didn’t fight.”

San Francisco News reached out to the San Bruno Police Department, which was unavailable for comment. According to local reports, citizens are alleging that break-ins are even happening when they are home.

South San Francisco’s authorities told residents during a meeting that burglars seem to be knocking on the front door first, to check if anyone is home. Then they break in through the back door if they think no one is around.

“We also have stepped up patrols so there are officers in the area non-stop and then we ask that neighbors call whenever they see suspicious vehicles or people,” said Officer Amy Sarioti in a statement.

Earlier this month, authorities caught and arrested the infamous, “Wig Prowler,” who was caught casing homes in the Noe and Castro Valley regions of the city.

“This person has definitely been active, so when we see somebody work an area for burglaries or for crimes we see them usually hit an area until they get caught or they get spooked enough and they go somewhere else,” said San Francisco Captain, Joseph McFadden in a statement.