SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco cable car was dedicated to a deceased employee on Tuesday, October 1. Reynaldo Morante, 50, was an operator for the San Francisco Cable Municipal Transportation Agency.

He was struck by a drunk motorcyclist on June 11, 2015, while on the job that put him in a coma. Morante died on January 12, 2016 from critical injuries he sustained. The motorcyclist who struck Morante was arrested for driving under the influence with a B.A.C. of .12. 

The SFMTA Board of Directors approved to dedicate Cable Car No. 17 in Morante’s honor. 

The document stated that a plaque will be added to Cable Car No. 17 stating, “Cable Car #17 is dedicated in memory of Reynaldo V. Morante who lost his life on January 12, 2016 from injuries he sustained from the accident on June 11, 2015 while serving the people of San Francisco. Reynaldo is remembered as a dedicated Operator with a contagious smile.” 

Morante was an SFMTA employee for 26 years, where he worked in roles that include as a bus and light rail vehicle operator.