SAN FRANCISCO—A woman was arrested after authorities found bags with items in her possession that belonged to local students on September 23.

Officers with the San Francisco Police Department found 32-year-old Jessica Didia obstructing the sidewalk of Russ and Natoma Streets. Officers ran her name, and discovered that she was on probation. 

Officer Adam Lobsinger told the San Francisco News that Dida was on probation for burglary. 

Due to her probation status, the had the opportunity to search the suspect. They found two bags in her possession that had items with two different names and a school labeled on them. SFPD is unable to release the names of the victims or school.

After the officers contacted the school, the school contacted a class that was on a field trip at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco, where students realized that items were missing from thier vehicle.

Officer Lobsinger confirmed to San Francisco News that Dida stole two computers, backpacks and calculators from the students. She was arrested at the scene and is still in police custody. She has a court date set for Monday, October 7 at 9 a.m.