SAN FRANCISCO — With the help from mail-in voting, more than 6.5 million California residents have already cast their votes for the 2020 election.

According to, California has over 15 million registered voters- roughly seven million registered as democrats and about 200 less than four million registered as republicans. ABC7 reported that of the 6.5 million that already voted, 3.5 million were democrats and 1.4 million were republican.

Election day is approaching quickly, and this large percentage of voters will account for 29 percent of the voter population in California. 

California’s government had mail-in ballots sent to every registered voter in the state. According to, these ballots have been sent all of this month, and with these voting packages comes an official ballot, instructional insert, postage-paid return envelope, and an “I Voted!” sticker. This process allows citizens to vote weeks before the actual election day. 

All residents who received a mail-in ballot are encouraged to send them in as soon possible, and the voter guide online offers a link to track your ballot to ensure your vote is counted.