UNITED STATES—Have you ever wonder why the brain doesn’t have an off-switch. I think we all know why, because if it stopped working so would you America, but at the same time the brain is indeed a complicated organ. Why so much happens with the brain just delving into it would take multiple and I mean multiple columns to explore each facet of the brain and how it operates certain things for us as human beings.

For starters, the brain allows us to think, but sometimes I think it results in us overthinking and that is NOT a good thing people. Why? I feel my brain never stops, I mean it is constantly thinking, worrying and memorizing things that I wish I didn’t have up in my brain. The thinking element is the biggest and the most frightening one to say the least because I feel like my brain just never stops. It is constantly churning over and over and over and over and over throughout the day.

I try so many things to calm myself, but it just doesn’t seem to work the way that I want it to. I have found a few things do work, but you cannot always do those things all the time people. With that said, I’ve come to realization you just have to let some things go. This way the brain has an off-switch, without an actual switch people. I think work is the worst because you just find yourself constantly thinking about what has to be done, what has not been done, what else you can do and it just spirals to more and more stress people, reaching a point where it never stops.

Memories are another thing where you are forced to recall memories from the past that can be traumatic people. Those memories don’t dissipate and it does make you wonder just how powerful our memories are and what things can trigger those memories. Is it something you see? Is it a word that you hear? Being at a particular location? Those are just a few things that can trigger a memory and once those memories are triggered there is not much you can do to stop it. You have to go thru the motions people and hopefully you can process what has taken place.

I guess the brain does have an off-switch when you are sleeping, but the problem arises if you cannot sleep then what do you do people. How do you fix the problem? Sleep is vital to revitalizing our bodies, but if the brain and your thoughts are so worked up that you cannot sleep, you’re NOT giving your brain the rest it needs to properly function.

I try to calm myself by just speaking positive aspirations. At the same time, I just focus on taking deep breathes, which really work because it forces me to focus on anything accept the thing that might be stressing me out people. Your brain is just as important as other organs in your body. If you treat your brain right and realize some of the things that you let stress or worry you they are not as big as you think, you’ll realize effective ways to train your thoughts.

Written By Jason Jones