HOLLYWOOD—Well at last, the walls have crumbled for Sheila Carter on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If Sheila had not pushed, Steffy would NOT have recalled the terrible night at Il Giardino that left her husband and the father of Hayes, fatally shot by his own mother. That’s right people Steffy recalled what transpired, after Sheila decided an impromptu to visit her grandson and Steffy was none too pleased to say the least.

Sheila’s rage boiled up even more as she decided she spoke with Deacon who noticed something was off with his bestie, but could not place his finger directly on the matter. After Sheila was booted from the beach house, memories started to flood back for Steffy as she recalled the horrific truth. It was stellar acting from Jacqueline MacInnes Wood people; I see why she picked up those back-to-back Daytime Emmy Awards. She might be a front-runner for next year as well people.

Ridge and Taylor were stunned when they learned that the person who nearly killed their daughter and Finn was staring them in the face all along. Ridge was livid per usual, Taylor stunned, but Steffy wanted revenge. She orchestrated a genius plan to expose her enemy and let the truth be known before the week culminated with Sheila being hauled off in cuffs and to jail, all with the assumption that Steffy opened the door for her to see Hayes.

However, if we all know Sheila Carter, this is NOT the end of her and I sense some sort of twist is in the works people. I’m not sure what yet, but there are rumors floating around on the internet so take that with a grain of salt people. Oh, if that was not the icing on the cake Ridge and Taylor learned that Sheila swapped Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne causing her to drink that night and spiral.

Oh, Thomas was exposed as knowing what Sheila did to Brooke and keeping mum. Yeah, Ridge’s world was rocked, not just by learning what Sheila did to Steffy, but how Sheila played a role in blowing up his marriage to Brooke. So Ridge and Brooke or Ridge and Taylor who will he chose? Time will tell people. In addition, I was flabbergasted when I discovered that Eric was frolicking with Donna! Like what!? I guess it makes sense considering that all that Quinn put him thru, but the fact that Donna and Eric are staying mum does indeed make the situation worse if you’re asking me people.

Quinn is doing her best to remain a loyal and honest wife, even though the writers seem to be traveling down the path of a Carter and Quinn reunion. I mean Carter was very serious about Paris, but then all of a sudden that relationship fizzled and it did not make any sense to me whatsoever America. Paris and Carter should have never been an item, it should have been Paris and Zende and then bring in his ex, Nicole and now you have a real story people.

It looks like Donna and Eric will be exposed at some point, which will open the door for Quinn and Carter to reunite and they should. The chemistry with these two is quite powerful people. We are in the midst of May Sweeps and the Sheila being exposed storyline is huge, but I wonder what else the writers have in store for viewers. We know they have pumped the brakes on the Liam and Steffy reunion and THANK GOD! I could not watch another love triangle with Hope, Liam and Steffy if my life depended on it people I just couldn’t, so kudos for to the writers for steering clear of that bullet.