SAN FRANCISCO- San Francisco flights through Lufthansa Airlines will be cancelled at SFO.

The airlines cabin crew is on a two-day strike that will take place Thursday and Friday. There will be a total of 1,300 cancelled flights in effect of the strike. 

Two flights in and out of Frankfort will be cancelled on Thursday, November 7. 

Flights after Friday will be back to their normal schedule.

According to a statement, the cabin crew, or UFO, tried negotiating with the German airline to avoid a strike. Their attempts varied from warnings of a strike to court winnings. 

Rob Schmitz of NPR told the media organization that “Lufthansa and the union representing the flight attendants have been at odds for months over the union’s legal status, and a last-minute effort by the airline to halt the strike failed after a court in Frankfurt confirmed the walkout was legal.” 

Lufthansa Airlines informed affected passengers on Twitter that they would refund their money or rebook flights free of charge.