HOLLYWOOD—Gosh, it just seemed like the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” premiered like a week ago, but nope it started earlier this month and this week it all came to an end. The first week was excellent, but after that turn of events on February 14 that led to Shanna Moakler being evicted by her allies the season has unfortunately become dreadful. Why? Imagine the power being consolidated to ONE SIDE of the house the entire season? Also it DOESN’T help to NOT have anyone worth rooting for.

Yeah, the one time we had a power shift Carson and Cynthia fell for Todrick and Miesha’s big lie and didn’t take out the threats that were coming after them since the start of the season and here we are. Carson got the boot and finally realized Todrick was no ally of his, you don’t say Carson. Cynthia opened her mind finally, realizing that Lamar and Todd were her only hope for taking out Todrick or Miesha. Too little too late Cynthia!

Making matters worse was the fact that Todrick of all people won a ‘detail’ HOH that Lamar may have been able to win if he moved just a bit faster. So once again, Todrick and Miesha hold all the power this week and targeted Lamar and Todd, with Todd being the goal. Well, Todd had other plans winning a crucial POV, meaning Todrick had to nominate Cynthia and he decided to boot Lamar during a double eviction people. However, Todrick seriously has horrid jury management; it’s almost like he could careless or completely forgot the jurors on “CBB” get to go home and see everything that transpired in the house and what was said. So let’s see how many jurors are not fans of Todrick (Teddi, Mirai, Chris Kirkpatrick, Shanna, Carson, Lamar and Tood), that is seven people as of Monday night people. Seven, you need five votes to win, Todrick looks like he is losing no matter who he sits next to.

Todd did manage to claim a clutch Power of Veto during the final 5 thwarting Miesha and Todrick’s plans to get him out. You know what that means, the next HOH was Todd, Miesha and Cynthia and if Todd or Cynthia were to win it was all about FINALLY trying to break up the duo that has run the house. The problem is the POV. However, I don’t recall their being a POV in the final four of “CBB.” Perhaps I could be wrong, I just remember someone winning HOH and evicting two houseguests, but maybe Chris Kattan’s quit changed things people.

So it is time for the double eviction, and we all know BB loves that double eviction to leave fans cheering (cannot remember the last time that occurred) or crying our tears away. Lamar was the first person evicted and it was delicious TV as it was the first tie of the season and Todrick was forced to get blood on his hand to send Lamar out of the house. Then we get the BB Flix HOH where Todd was killing it in the beginning, but then out of nowhere Cynthia and Miesha tied things up with the seventh question being the deal breaker in Miesha’s favor and of course Todrick was ecstatic and already gloating people.

However, the HOH doesn’t matter it is all about the POV, which was a crapshoot people, another ball roll people and got damn, can we have a few more quizzes please. I’m sick of all the crapshoot competitions. So if Todd or Cynthia win we could see Todrick out the door, if Miesha and Todrick wins Todd is out. So this is a days’ comp that is going to be difficult unless you can move the slide. There is a total of 9 questions people. Miesha won the POV and Todd was sent packing.

I guess the only good thing we have left to look forward to is seeing Todrick get slammed by the jury and losing in a blowout or we have the opportunity to see Cynthia win HOH and evict Miesha and take Todrick to the end and win. Yeah, if Miesha gets to the end and she’s sitting next to Todrick she wins easily there is NO QUESTIONS asked people. I’m wondering how this final hour of “Celebrity Big Brother 3” will play out. Something tells me things will be rushed, and instead of the 2 hours we had on Monday, we should have had 1 hour.

Well jeez, this finale is not messing around. Why? We immediately addressed a little bit of strategy with Todrick and Miesha. Miesha considered sitting next to Todd if Todrick was evicted and Todrick buttered up Cynthia, who did point OUT one thing accurately: she hasn’t really peeved off anyone on the jury. Todrick, you might be a superfan, but you forgot the most crucial rule of “Big Brother” since season 3: jury management. The HOH competition was a good ole crapshoot, which means it is anyone’s game. This is going to be fun, who knows the jury best. I might give an edge to Cynthia people she bonded with almost everyone and that is a good thing, but Miesha is doing quite well.

All three did terrible in this competition, as we didn’t even get Todd’s question, as Miesha won the competition with three questions correct people. Well, we know she is going to pick Todrick, so Cynthia is about to get the boot and the question remains will Cynthia be swayed by Carson and the jury to vote for Miesha over her ‘bestie’ Todrick. Miesha has won four HOHs and two POVs, there is no way this woman does NOT win this game over Todrick. Not a strategic mastermind, but a competitive beast. Todrick what the hell with that speech, it was completely unnecessary.

Shocker, Miesha evicted Cynthia and we’re looking at a Todrick and Miesha final two, and this guy is about to lose in a landslide people. Carson gave a well-deserved apology to Shanna who ABSOLUTELY deserved it people. However, it is time for the jury questioning and I’m all for it people. Chris Kirkpatrick alluded to social dynamics in terms of how you treat people. At least Miesha noted that she did not always play with integrity and apologize for any imperfections she had. Yeah, powerful final two speech. Wow, Teddi couldn’t even look at Todrick when he was giving his speech. Please stop with the race card, The Cookout and so much other mess. The jury was literally rolling their eyes listening to Todrick speak. Man looking at Todd’s eyes roll was hilarious.

This is the part I wanted to see the jury cast their votes people. Teddi made it clear that Todrick was NOT getting her vote. Mirai’s vote was obvious for Miesha, Chris K made it clear that he was voting for his ‘son’ another dig at Todrick, but it was Shanna’s vote that mattered as she said she will never have to hear Todrick’s voice again people. This jury is peeved and Todrick has no idea of the backlash coming to him when he gets out and Todd’s vote was a damn stinger people. Yeah, Cynthia looks shell-shocked to say the least by the jury and their votes. No surprise, Miesha winning 7-1 people and Todd’s dig about the live feeds and Todrick looking livid as we went to commercial said it all people. This is literally ONE of the best jury vote segments I have seen the entire BB series, regular and celebrity people. These people made it clear for their distaste for both finalists one more than the other people.

Well, they did bring back Chris Kattan people to celebrate the winner as Julie revealed the votes by a landslide people. Oh, Todrick is putting on such a smile, but he is seething inside you can tell people. I have to admit Todd does not look happy one single bit people. Also Shanna and Chris did not want to hug either of the two finalists. The other dagger has to be the reveal of America’s Favorite Player, which had to boil Todrick’s blood even more when Carson was unveiled as the winner, with Lamar and Shanna as runner ups. That did stun me people, I really expected Shanna to take the win dammit. I was almost certain that Shanna had America’s Favorite Player in the bag, but the casuals pushed Carson over Shanna if I’m being honest.

It was so apparent the celebrities were ready to bounce; they were over “Celebrity Big Brother” people. Here’s hoping if we get a fourth season we have a stellar season, as this one was a mixed bag people.