HOLLYWOOD—We picked up this week’s “The Oval” where last week’s cliffhanger episode ended, with Allan ready to pull the trigger on Hunter, but it seems he had cold feet people. This week’s episode, ‘Next to Impossible’ witnessed Allan cave in when Hunter called him out on his presence. Yeah, Allan you story is not adding up and Hunter can sense that. When the conversation turned to Ellie, it started to boil Allan’s blood, especially as Hunter gloated about his sexcapades with Allan’s girlfriend. Hunter you might want to stop talking before Allan puts a bullet into you.

Hunter questioned Allan’s motives, as did Victoria, who shared news that Jason’s condition is improving. What does that mean? If Jason gets well, then Victoria’s plan would blow up in her face. Donald alerted Victoria that Grip was sent home by Sam and he had concerns about Kyle’s whereabouts. Donald made it clear that Kyle missing is not good because he has information. Donald posed his theory which was right on target, but Victoria was not 100 percent certain. Victoria you might have been played and she doesn’t like that people.

Barry is doing all in his power to try to get closer to Sharon who is the least bit interested. She was doing everything in her power to stay mum on the secret she is holding because of the danger that comes with her spilling the tea. Are we seeing a bit of a breakthrough with Sharon and Barry and the laughter people? Hunter railed into Donald about sending Allan down to check on him. Donald covered for his protégé, but I don’t know if that is wise or not. Hunter started to question if Kyle is aligned with the Vice President, he’s not, but he can only be isolated for so long before he cracks people.

Max and Bobby had a conversation with Eli and Simone letting them know about the situation with Jason and the current administration. Simone was coy about revealing details, and Max and Bobby realized these people might have ulterior motives. Max tried to convince Eli that torturing Kyle might be the only way to get information. Eli spilled tea about Kyle’s whereabouts, as concern about getting Kyle out of the White House undetected will not be easy. Max and Bobby are smart people, they know much more than people think.

Gosh, I cannot wait to see Donald received his comeuppance; it is going to be glorious TV to say the least people. Alonzo seemed a bit ruffled when Sam told him to ask The First Lady what she wants and Agent Gripling made his return to the premises. Alonzo lied to Victoria and she picked up on it instantly. Oh, this is about to become fun, Priscilla and Victoria trading more spars. Victoria thought she was getting under Priscilla’s skin, but it was apparent that Priscilla was not in the mood and got one jab in noting that she wants Jason to make a full recovery. Victoria let’s stop playing these games and get to the point already. Sam made it clear if Victoria tempted Priscilla to attack her things would not end well people. Donald used Agent Gripling to check the bunker to locate Kyle. Donald you might have Sam busy, but you don’t have Max and Bobby buddy. Looks like Grip got the goods on Kyle’s location, but he’s behind bars. Grip tried to break the code, but it is not working.

Kyle learned that Donald had been searching for him, and Grip had to lie about knowing where Kyle is located. Grip looks like he is about to make a major mistake. How so? He’s planning to come back to get Kyle, but he has no idea that Max and Bobby are on their way people. He has Grip’s weapons, but I’m not sure that is going to be much help for him.

Nancy informed Richard that Sharon was at the house and had something vital to tell Sam. Barry, for the love of God, please mind your own business buddy. Sharon revealed that Kareem is missing and the President came to visit her again at the pharmacy. Sharon mentioned that Hunter brought up his name, and Richard warned her to be ABSOLUTELY QUIET about the situation and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING! He warned her that Dale and Sharon needed to stay at his house. Dale received a call to be prepared to move, but something seemed off, as Dale came face-to-face with Kareem. The threats continue to loom next week. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!