HOLLYWOOD—After nearly 30 days of lockdown, cut off completely from the outside world and technology, a winner was crowned for the second season of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Wednesday, February 13. With our final five in place consisting of Ricky, Tamar, Lolo, Dina and Kandi, it was time for someone to be evicted. With both Dina and Kandi being nominees for the week, the Power of Veto would become crucial to the end game.

In a competition that some saw fit for an Olympian, Lolo came out victorious. I would argue Tamar did stellar work trying to convince both Lolo and Ricky the benefits of keeping Kandi in the game. However, that tiff Kandi had with Lolo noting she could earn a few potential jury votes sent her spiraling. I swear if you just say a word with intensity to Lolo she’ll flip off on you.

Kandi, who had been sleeping a bit in the first part of the game, really turned things up in recent weeks; so much to the point that she clearly became the best strategist of the season in my opinion. Realizing that she was a major threat, Ricky and Lolo were determined to see her booted, even though Tamar delivered compelling reasons why she should stay; notably the fact that Tamar wanted to sit with her pal in the end. Tamar was strategizing and made a deal with Ricky for a final two, placing Lolo in murky waters if you ask me.

The final POV competition was a very fun one that required memory and stealth movement to prevent triggering the alarm. However, it was Lolo in the end who won the veto and decided to keep the nominations the same. Did we really need that Anthony Scaramucci segment? Like there wasn’t any other content we could show besides his take on this ‘twist’ that we know wasn’t really part of a twist.

The first live eviction was a tie; 1 vote for Dina and 1 vote for Kandi and Ricky was forced to break the tie. He cast his vote for Kandi and was quite heartless when he did it. Wow, Ricky is definitely a character to say the least. Julie realized that Kandi was beloved by the audience and gave a candid interview that was authentic and touching to say the least.

So it’s time for the final HOH of the season, one where the winner would have the ability to evict two houseguests and decide who to sit next to in the end. It was a game known as Celebrity Lookalike Junior. OMG, those kids were hilarious. This competition was funny as hell and it came down to a tie breaker between Ricky and Tamar. I know I was not the only viewer at home on the edge of my seat. However, Tamar’s guess was a bust and Ricky became the final and most powerful HOH of the season. Who would he boot? I know he’d send Dina home, but I’m not sure about rather he’d take Lolo or Tamar with him in the end. Dina, Tamar and Lolo got the opportunity to plead their case to Ricky on why they should choose them to go to the final two.

Ricky stunned everyone including the audience and Tamar when he chose to eliminate Lolo from the game. Wow, that has to be the most stunning moment of the game if you ask me. Ricky is slightly heartless and I’m loving it! Julie was stunned, as well as Lolo when he decided to boot her. Hmm, she is going to be a bitter juror people!

The jury reassembled to cast their votes for who should be crowned the winner and there were some stunned faces to say the least. The Q/A section was brutal to say the least for Ricky Williams; it seemed that Ricky really struggled with answering questions from the jury. Tamar answered questions with precision and honesty with the jury about her flaws and strengths. It did seem at times, both were slightly nervous, but Tamar was a pro if you ask me. However, those questions were quite limited in scope in my opinion.

Tamar delivered a powerful, authentic speech where she was not afraid to put it all out on the table. It almost echoed a few tears from me. Time for the vote and I will be honest I have no clue how this is going to transpire because both played strong games. The comedic moments during this finale were classic. The moment we’ve been waiting for, the votes are revealed and by a vote of 9-0, Tamar wins; she had a clean sweep America! This only happened in “Big Brother 10” when Dan Gheesling won the prize. Tom won the prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Man this has been an epic season, and I cannot wait to see the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Just a few months until BB21 people!