HOLLYWOOD—Man, I am LOVING “Celebrity Big Brother!” It totally makes up for that dreadful and I mean dreadful “Big Brother 19.” These celebs are here to play, and after a week of playing nice, it only took a few moments for utter chaos to unravel. When we last chatted Shannon was HOH, but Keisha won the right to take over when she earned the recast power. She nominated Chuck and James for eviction, and with James looking like the prime target; the week should have gone off without a hitch.

Guess what people, this is “Big Brother” and you should always and I mean always expect the unexpected. Fractures became evident in the seven person alliance as Keisha, Omarosa, Brandi and Shannon all battled for power. James was not a happy camper, but he didn’t give up, and that paid off in the long run. Shannon was torn about rather she should or shouldn’t use the Power of Veto, and that caused cracks in the alliance as Ross pointed out it was no advantage to Shannon to make herself a bigger target by saving Chuck, and making a potential enemy in Mark. Oh, the first live eviction was theatrical to say the least as by a 7-1 vote, Chuck was sent packing and Keisha and Omarosa were blindsided. This was utter scary because up till this point, Omarosa was calm and collective, but the claws soon came out as she went after Brandi and Shannon.

Was it great TV? Without a doubt! However, her pointing out the ‘white girl alliance’ was a bit uncomfortable to watch America. Yes, Metta, Keisha and Omarosa were left out, but it had NOTHING to do with race if you’re asking me. Omarosa was not in control, she didn’t like it and the tirade she delivered turned the house upside down. So this second HOH was vital. Metta, who I still cannot understand why he is in the house, was confused/lost, and thought he was voting to evict James and not Chuck. FYI, Metta, when you cast your vote during eviction night, you’re voting for the person you want to send packing, not who you want to stay!

So we now have Keisha, Omarosa and Metta in an alliance, against everyone else, but there are fractures in that group of 7. Mark and James seem tight, Brandi and Ari are tight, Ross, Marissa and Shannon are tight. However, it’s apparent that Marissa and Ross might be overplaying their hand a bit. Ross, who was probably on pins and needles after the first eviction, won a pivotal HOH, and it seemed certain he was nominating Keisha and Omarosa. This was unlike any other HOH because it left Omarosa seeking medical attention after suffering an asthma attack. Yes, Omarosa temporarily left the BB house Friday night and returned Saturday night after being treated. It would have been a complete game changer, if the viewers lost Omarosa people!

Well, not so fast, because he was ready to put Metta on the block, however, things are even more complicated. Why? A plan to backdoor Shannon was in play, especially after Ari and Brandi poked the idea even more into Ross’ mind. Look, I get this is a three week game, but if you take out Shannon who is a major target Ross, you now become the next big target. Not to mention, there isn’t anyone else on your side that is capable of winning a potential HOH except for Marissa. Ross ultimately nominated Omarosa and Keisha, but “Celebrity Big Brother” is unlike any other, as another eviction was looming on Monday.

Yeah, a second houseguest was about to say adios, but unlike previous evictions the stress was heightened with the fact that the Power of Veto would play out live. That is a first, and something that should maybe become a part of regular BB, as it will leave houseguests on edge up till the final moments. The winner of the POV was Marissa during an elimination style Q&A. Surprised, because if her alliance really wanted to backdoor Shannon, they would have allowed Omarosa the opportunity to win.

This literally looked like an epic blindside was about to transpire, but when Keisha cried out her tears on live TV about wanting to go home to be with her daughter, there was no way that blindside was going to transpire. Marissa chose not to use the veto, which saw Keisha throw Shannon under the bus yet again, before she was evicted 7-0.

Jeez, I hate when people enter the house only to beg to be evicted. If you don’t want to be in the game don’t sign up for it. It’s not fair to those who are there to play. So with Shannon looking like the prime target, I’m absolutely certain the plan to backdoor her will come to light if she becomes the next HOH or even she is nominated and finds a way to save herself with the POV. The celebs have only been in the house for nearly 11 days and this is what I want to see when I’m watching BB: drama, drama, suspense, suspense, strategy and game play.

Oh, important side note, all evicted celebrities got the opportunity to head straight home and would be able to watch all the episodes. This is what BB used to be like for its first 3 seasons, but the producers decided it was time to sequester the jury to prevent them from being tainted by things said about them after they vacated the game. I really didn’t expect them to sequester celebrities; I mean they’re celebrities America. Gosh, I really wish the celebs were playing in the house longer than the 24 days they are being locked away. The excitement here is phenomenal people!