HOLLYWOOD─Out of all the members of the DiMera clan, and trust me there are quite a few, Chad DiMera has been the only one to refuse to embrace his dark side on “Days of Our Lives” well until now. After being brainwashed by dear ole dad, Chad is becoming a mini-version of Stefano himself. He has knocked both Kate and Gabi out cold and kept them hidden in the tunnels of the DiMera mansion.

You think with the number of people who have been kept locked away in the depths of this palace that, no one would want to go there. Kate has been hidden there on more than one occasion, if anything that woman should want to stay as far away from that home as possible. Both ladies who have gone from frenemies to allies to friends to frenemies are now locked away and doing all in their power to stay aligned as they realize Chad is not the man they once knew.

With that said, rumor has been running rampant that Stefan O. DiMera is not dead and Gabi senses her true love might be very much alive. Which fingers crossed is the case. Stefan was agreat villain and can you imagine the shock on Lani’s face when she sees the man she killed back in the flesh, can we say vengeance is headed her way?

Another person realizing Chad is not himself is Abigail, the question is will she connect the dots before it’s too late? Speaking of Stefano or shall I say Steve, he’s working tirelessly with Dr. Rolf to reprogram Dr. Marlena Evans to be his Queen. It’s slightly working, but it appears that Marlena might be hoodwinking one of the greatest villains of daytime TV to make him think he has pulled one over her. Rolf’s one experiment involving Princess Gina has come to an end, as Hope Brady has returned to herself. She was an emotional mess after discovering from Jenn and many of her loved ones all of the devious deeds she committed in the past year.

I said it before and I will say it again, Kristin Alfonso becoming Princess Gina was perhaps one of the meatiest storylines the actress has had a  long period of time; she really needed that burst of a story to maintain the relevance for the character. With that said the other big tale of the hour is the revelation that Orpheus is actually Christian Maddox aka Evan’s father! Yes, Evan has ties to Salem and it seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Orpheus is a vicious one and he has set his sights on making amends with his son and his grandson in their time of need.

It makes one wonder, exactly what does Orpheus have in store for Salem this time around and who will be caught in the crosshairs of his mayhem. Luckily, for Rafe and Lani, Evan returned David, but it begs the bigger question: Evan is David’s father, and he hasn’t been found guilty of murdering Jordan people. So has he actually committed a crime by taking back custody of his son? Not if you ask me people. This leads us to what is likely to be the big story as we near May Sweeps, the baby swap!

Nicole Walker was once a reporter, and once she gets the lead on tale, she never lets it go people. She had a hunch that Mickey could be Rachel, Brady and Kristen’s daughter. That hunch has now turned into hardcore truth, with Nicole swabbing DNA from baby Mackenzie and Kristen to run a DNA test to prove her suspicions. Xander is nervous knowing that Nicole is onto him and Victor. I mean Victor just recovered from a serious health ailment. Maggie is about to head to jail for Adrienne’s murder, so imagine his family’s fallout when they discover he swapped his own grandson Brady’s child, with his wife’s granddaughter to protect the truth from coming to life.

Yeah, Victor is not the only person expecting heartache in the near future, so will Sarah and Eric, and Nicole better be prepared for that fallout when it transpires because it’s going to be a like a tornado ripping off a band aid without any caution and that is not good folks. Remember Xander just proposed marriage to Sarah, so if anything the reformed villain might resort to every tactic in his book to cover his tracks and to prevent the truth from coming to light. Worst of all is the fact that Kristen DiMera will be out for blood. She has reformed herself, but this bomb is about to unleash Kristen’s dark side in ways that only one can imagine. How can I best say this: Victor and Xander should be petrified.