HOLLYWOOD—May sweeps are here “General Hospital” fans and while we’re juggling several storylines right now, I don’t see an endgame and that does excite me to a degree. First, we have to talk about that hospital break or prison bust involving Jason Morgan. Carly Corinthos was NOT about to allow her bestie to go down for a crime or become a casualty of Cyrus Renault or Peter August.

So what did the fearless Carly do? Implement a hospital breakout involving Dr. Britt Westbourne. Yes, I chatted weeks ago about the burgeoning relationship between Jason and Britt. Britt and Jason have gotten a lot closer after he buddied up to her in his mission to discover what Cyrus has been up to with the hospital. That connection has only gotten stronger over the years and as a result they have great chemistry. I must admit the Jason and Britt pairing is far more interesting than the Sam and Jason romance.

It looks like Sam and Jason have officially gotten over their love affair and looking at romance in other places, for Sam it looks like Dante might be in her orbit, but the sparks aren’t there just yet. Dante has toyed with the notion of returning to the Port Charles Police Department which will ONLY complicate things more with Jason, Sam and his family dynamics involving Sonny people. In the midst of the hospital escape, Jason was shot, Britt saved his life, they’ve been on the run and Cyrus is worried sick about an attack coming his way.

Cyrus you should be because it seems like your reign of terror on Port Charles could soon come to an end, and it’ll be a direct result of your relationship with Peter August. Peter’s embrace with his dark side has done wonders for the character, and his ego is bigger than ever now. He is the town pariah and it’s apparent everyone knows he is responsible for the death of Franco, at least Cameron knows that truth. Yeah, Cameron has a bit of egg on his face so that was fun to see him finally come to grips with things people. Good for Cameron as he is trying to repair his relationship with Joss and Trina.

Speaking of those two ladies, Trina came mere feet from coming face-to-face with Sonny in Nixon falls. When Nina learned that they were in town to pick-up Jax, she went into panic mode realizing that she needed to cover her tracks and not be exposed. Yeah, Nina is seriously playing with fire and I don’t know why. I think she wants a change of pace in her life and she likes the Sonny she is seeing now. He’s not as ruthless, but he still has plenty of street smarts people.

Sonny is onto Elijah and his dirty dealings in Nixon falls. This rivalry between these two guys is hot and they do NOT like each other, which Lenny, Phyllis and Nina can all witness from a million miles away. Elijah got a leg up on his foe this week, which I’m certain will play out over the coming weeks. Jax is still pining after Nina even though she made it clear she wants time, yeah time to be with Sonny, which means Nina is falling for Mike and Mike aka Sonny is really falling for Nina. Can you imagine Carly’s reaction to discovering not only is her husband very much alive, but he’s in love with her mortal enemy? Talk about the ultimate payback America.

Back with Peter, he has swapped Maxie’s in-house nurse Chloe Jennings with his own spy. Yeah, there seems to be nothing that Peter will do to get his way people. Death being at the top of the list and he thinks this will keep close tabs on Maxie and her every move, little does he know Maxie plans to hand off her bundle of joy to Brook Lynn to kept Peter far away and to keep herself safe in the process. Peter is indeed Cesar Faison’s son and his obsession to Maxie is scary as hell because it is significant to Faison’s obsession to Anna people.

His latest stunt is forcing his aunt (Anna) to gravel for another dose of that antidote that Peter has to save Chase’s life as his health took another decline. Yeah, Peter is headed for death America the question that will open up to glorious heights is exactly who commits the deed because his enemy list is so large it’s hard to ignore how this guy reforms himself and even if he does it does not seem his time on “GH” will last beyond November sweeps 2021.

To wrap things up for the week, Britt opened up to Jason about those hand tremors that he spotted. Britt has a potential illness that has her knocking on death’s door and he has been one person she has finally told the truth to. With that said, this sends a message that Britt might tell her mother, Liesl Obrecht, who while wicked to the core, could develop a treatment to save her daughter’s life people.

I’m really eager to see what BIG SURPRISE “General Hospital” has in store for viewers this month, we know Roger Howarth is set to return to the soap as a new character and that a few other faces might appear on the soap as well.