HOLLYWOOD—Looks like Peter August continues with his reign of terror on “General Hospital.” He might not actually be in Port Charles, but he’s causing major issues on Cassadine Island for Liesl Obrecht, Britt, Jason and Drew. Peter has been using his father’s brainwashing technique to get Drew Cain to do his bidding. Drew can be turned into a solider and puppet with that card and the snap of a finger.

Too bad Peter was so arrogant he allowed Jason to get his hands on that card, which he utilized to neutralize Drew who is proving to be a bigger obstacle than he expected. I mean these two are blood brothers people, you’d think Jason would be the enforcer, not Drew, but things are shifting to say the least. Many were expecting the week of Thanksgiving to be slow, but not on “GH” people because not one, but two notable exits transpired and they were huge ones.

The audience said farewell to Jasper Jax who received one of the worst sendoffs I can think of on a soap opera. If you want to see why the character is leaving just look up Ingo Rademacher via a Google search and you’ll find out.  Jax wasn’t the only character to bid adieu, Jason Morgan aka (Steve Burton) vacated the soap in a harrowing gun fight that left Britt, Drew and Liesl under the impression that Jason is dead.

So what does that mean for Burton’s time at “GH?” Check out the internet if you want to learn more about Burton and why he is leaving the soap yet again and it is not at his choosing, but the COVID-19 vaccine requirement implemented at the network. News has NOT yet hit PC about Jason’s ‘demise,’ but trust this is a bomb that will really throw Carly for a loop. She loses Sonny only to just get him back and now she has lost Jason. That woman will be a wreck people.

The good news is that Peter is in custody, Anna and Valentin seem to think it’s over, Maxie not so much especially after Peter called her and threatened her in so many words people. This brings us to the big bomb that I had been waiting for quite some time to be revealed. Valentin learned via Gladys and Austin that Brook Lynn has been pulling the wool over his eyes in regards to Bailey Quartermaine.

Valentin knows the child is NOT his, but guess who stepped up as the baby daddy this time around: Chase Harrison. I always thought the pairing between Chase and Brook Lynn was a good one and now the writers are finally doing what they should have done nearly a year ago. Why Chase is doing this? I will never know, but for Brook Lynn it doesn’t make much sense, Valentin knows the baby is NOT his, so just spill the truth, it might halt Valentin from making a move of retaliation against her and trust he may be in the process of doing just that. So Chase, Maxie and Brook Lynn are all working to keep the truth from Peter, but if he learns it the situation will ONLY be worse people.

I mean Peter did poison Chase, cause him to loose movement in his legs and upend his life, so I think Chase would indeed have a bone to pick with the villain if the opportunity were to arise, but Peter will NOT like this betrayal one bit. FYI Curtis’ father showed back up, but that storyline doesn’t seem to be going anywhere if I’m honest, but maybe in due time it will change. Lots and I mean lots happened for a short three days in Port Charles, but a fun week to say the least.