SAN FRANCISCO—Dylann Roof, the suspect convicted of the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting that killed nine people has announced that he will not offer evidence or call any witnesses during the penalty phase of his murder trial.

Roof will be acting as his own defense and representing himself during the penalty phase f the trial. This isn’t the first time Roof has acted on his own behalf. Five days in the earlier trial phase, Roof represented himself.  

His lawyers indicate he suspects the evidence would be revealed and that what the witnesses could say could be potentially embarrassing. U.S. Judge Richard Gergel openly expressed his disapproval.

“I think it’s a bad idea,” Gergel warned. Gergel indicated he would allow Roof to change his mind up until the penalty phase of the trial begins.

Roof said he planned to make an opening statement to jurors, but did not indicate whether he would testify on his own behalf. He said he would present no evidence or any witnesses.

Jurors found Roof, 22, guilty on 33 federal charges in connection to the 2015 shooting. According to reports, over 30 possible witnesses were listed to be presented by the prosecution during the trial.