HOLLYWOOD—I say this all the time, it takes a lot to catch me by surprise when it comes to daytime TV, but the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” doesn’t disappoint. I had no doubt in my mind that Charlie was responsible for raping Allie Horton. All the signs seemed to point towards it. However, I never expected and I mean never expected the revelation that Charlie was Tripp’s half-brother and to make the situation more explosive is the fact that Ava Vitali of all people is his mother!

Yes, that is a true game changer people and this chaos has me glued to the TV screen hoping to see how it all unfolds. Not for a moment did I think Charlie was Ava’s son. So it seems Charlie has NOT only been working for Philip and Xander at Titan, but for his mother. Jeez, the apple does not fall far from the tree, as Charlie is proving to be an enigma that people have no clue about. This guy is dangerous, deceptive and charming as hell.

Why is this vital? He has been getting quite close to Claire and she is singing his praises to everyone, including Allie people. So this is about to explode because Charlie and Allie came face-to-face and their interaction screamed wonders. Allie was uneasy around Charlie, and I’m wondering if Charlie realizes that Allie’s bundle of joy is actually his son. He has to have some idea right? He cannot be foreign to the idea, as almost everyone in Salem knows what transpired between Allie and Tripp and the fact that she is NOW planning to sue him in a civil suit.

Ava begged her son to admit what transpired and Charlie disclosed the truth, but Ava wanted him to come forward to clear Tripp’s name, but Charlie was having none of it. As a result, he clocked his mother out cold and is now holding her against her will to ensure his little secret does not come to light. That will only last so long Charlie because Tripp knows something is up with his mom and has asked dear ole dad Steve to look into the matter. This is a very exciting narrative and I cannot wait to see how all this unfold America.

In other Salem news, Xander and Sarah’s plot to nail Philip may have hit a snag now that Philip seems to know what they are up to and Chloe has been thrown into the mix. Philip is warming up to Chloe and Sarah and Xander are ‘trying’ to act as if they hate one another, but it’s so obvious with a  clear eye that these two are still together, how anyone is buying what they are selling I will never know.

It almost feels similar to the Jake and Kate cover-up, the two are charmed by each other, Gabi knows what they’ve been up to, as well as Gwen, who does seem to feel her walls are closing in slightly. The only reason I point that out is that she has a new enemy in town in Anna DiMera, yes, Tony’s wife. Anna is no pushover, and she is no idiot people. She immediately sensed something off with Gwen and as she attempted to pry into her history, Gwen tried to stay as coy as possible. However, Anna is already warning people, especially the one person who should be worried most: Abigail. Gwen is not to be trusted Abigail, heed the advice before it is too late.

Gwen’s ultimate goal is to take Chad from his true love and it does look like she is getting closer and closer to making that transpire America. With that said, we still don’t know Gwen’s connect to Stefano and Abigail, but it’s a big one people for her to have such rage against this woman to drug her and to try to destroy her life in the process.

Justin and Bonnie are getting closer, as are Brady and Kristen even though she is still behind bars. Ben is sensing Ciara’s spirit, and I will just put it out there because we all already know that Ciara is not dead and will soon return to the Salem forefront people. Lots of things are moving around in Salem and as we get closer to 2021 looks like “Days of Our Lives” is planning lots of surprises.